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Test Script APIs

This page documents the Fuego core scripts functions.

The following functions are available to test scripts.

FIXTHIS - core functions: should document which of the functions are internal, and which are intended for test script use

list of routines (by providing script) [edit section]

from functions.sh

from common.sh

  • abort_job - abort the current test, emitting a reason string to output
  • assert_define - to be used externally - check that an environment variable is defined
  • run_python
  • dprint - print a 'debug' message
  • vprint - print a 'verbose' message
  • iprint - print an 'info' message
  • wprint - print a 'warning' message
  • eprint - print an 'error' message

from reports.sh

from overlays.sh

  • set_overlay_vars - internal - process overlays and set variables for board, platform, test plan and test specs

FIXTHIS - need to document the ov_* functions as well, from the scripts in the engine/overlays/base directory.

From base-distrib.fuegoclass:

From base-board.fuegoclass:

From base-funcs.fuegoclass:

From fuego_test.sh (in alphabetical order):

NOTE: phases are: pre_check, build, deploy, run, fetch_results, post_test, processing

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