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function test processing

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]

Performs the steps needed to determine success or failure of the test

DESCRIPTION [edit section]

This function is defined in the base test script for a test, and executes the commands needed to determine success or failure of the test.

When this function starts, the test has been run, and the test log has been retrieved from the system.

Commonly called functions or programs [edit section]

This function commonly log_compare one or more times. This is used to verify if an expected pattern is in the log a certain number of times.

The arguments to log_compare are sometimes parameterized. That is, a test variable may be used for the number of positive or negative results expected for the test. This allows for taking into account board-specific results for complex tests, such as LTP. A complex, comprehensive test often will have results that are dependent on kernel configuration or distribution settings. Using a variable to customize the expected results allows the tester to avoid lots of false test failures.

EXAMPLES [edit section]

Some sample contents are:
    function test_processing {
        log_compare "$TESTDIR" "11" "^TEST.*OK" "p"

    function test_processing {
        log_compare "$TESTDIR" $FUNCTIONAL_CMT_LINES_COUNT "Test passed" "p"

    function test_processing {
        log_compare "$TESTDIR" "0" "^TEST.*FAILED" "n"

    function test_processing {
        assert_define LTP_OPEN_POSIX_SUBTEST_COUNT_POS
        P_CRIT="execution: PASS"
        log_compare "$TESTDIR" $LTP_OPEN_POSIX_SUBTEST_COUNT_POS "${P_CRIT}" "p"

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

However, some variables that are commonly used in this function are:
  • $TESTDIR - the directory name for the test
    • this is passed to log_compare and is used to find the log file and parsed (pn) log files

RETURN [edit section]

Returns non-zero for error

Note that test_processing is the last function called during test execution. The return value for this function is the return value for the entire test, and indicates success or failure for the whole test.

SOURCE [edit section]

This function is located in the base test script ( for the test.

An example path would be: /fuego-core/engine/tests/Functional.hello_world/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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