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function get

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]

  • get <destination> <file1> [<file2>...]

DESCRIPTION [edit section]

The 'get' function is used to transfer directories and files from the target to the host.

It adds a statement to the devlog, and then calls ov_transport_get.

I can find no examples of existing test scripts using this function to retrieve files from the target. The internal function get_testlog calls this to retrieve a log from the target. It is also called by post_test to retrieve the system logs.

It is unclear that this function supports wildcarding of the source file argument, as ov_transport_get only specifies the LOGIN and DEVICE for the first positional parameter (the source file path)

EXAMPLES [edit section]

      get /tmp/fuego.${1}/*.${BUILD_ID}.* $FUEGO_LOGS_PATH/${JOB_NAME}/systemlogs/

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

The arguments are passed unchanged to ov_transport_get.

  • the first argument should be the source file on the target. The file should be a full path (specified from the root)

RETURN [edit section]

Returns non-zero on error

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in scripts/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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