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function abort job

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]

  • abort_job ["<reason_string"]

DESCRIPTION [edit section]

This function aborts the current job, printing the reason-string to the console.

The reason string is prefixed with: "Fuego error reason:"

Note that this uses the Jenkins web interface to abort the job, using the wget program.

EXAMPLES [edit section]

Here are some sample invocations:
        abort_job "$1 is not defined. Make sure you use correct overlay with required specs for this test/benchmark"

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

This function uses:
  • BUILD_URL - to construct the URL to issue a command to Jenkins for this job

RETURN [edit section]

Does not return.

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in scripts/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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