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function test cleanup

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]


DESCRIPTION [edit section]

This function is defined in the base test script for a test, and executes commands to clean up after the test. Note that Fuego will perform some cleanup automatically, such as removing the test directory, and any log files or tmp directories that it created. This function is optional, and is used to kill outstanding (still-running) processes.

This function, when defined, commonly calls kill_procs to kill any functions which the test might have left running (for example, if the test was interrupted by a timeout, or failed in some other way).

This function can also be used for any other post_test processing that is specific to an individual test. This could include things such as restoring device configurations, unmounting filesystems, cleaning up other areas of the filesystem that the test may have affected (outside those in the test directory or temp directories that Fuego manages).

EXAMPLES [edit section]

Here are some sample contents

    function test_cleanup {
        kill_procs interbench

    function test_cleanup {
        kill_procs lmbench lat_mem_rd par_mem

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

This function takes no arguments.

RETURN [edit section]

Returns non-zero on error.

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in the base script for each test. The base test scripts are located in /fuego-core/engine/tests/<test_name>

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