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function concurrent check

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]


DESCRIPTION [edit section]

This function is used to prevent multiple tests from using the build area for a test concurrently. It is called by the pre_build function.

concurrent_check uses a local file as a build lock. The lock file (while it exists during the execution of the test) hold the value of BUILD_URL. If the lock file is present when function is entered, concurrent_check will enter a while loop querying the jenkins server about the status of the job. concurrent_check will wait in this loop until Jenkins reports that the job has finished.

When concurrent_check exits, the lock file will be created, with the value of build_url. This lockfile is removed after the software from the build area has been deployed to the target, by the post_deploy function.

EXAMPLES [edit section]

Here are some sample invocations:

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

The following environment variables are used by this function:
  • TRIPLET - defined in as ${JOB_NAME}-$PLATFORM

This function takes no positional arguments.

RETURN [edit section]

Returns non-zero on error.

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in scripts/

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