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function unpack

NAME [edit section]

unpack - unpack the test program source

SYNOPSIS [edit section]

unpack [nostrip]

DESCRIPTION [edit section]

The unpack function is used during the build phase, to extract the source into the build directory. Before the function is called, Fuego changes to the build directory. Hence, unpack operates in the current directory.

Source may be specified either with a tarball name or using 'gitrepo' and 'gitref' in the file.

The following extensions are supported:

  • gz, tgz - compressed with gzip
  • bz2 - compressed with bzip2
  • tar - uncompressed

This is normally called by the function pre_build, but can be used directly by the base test script. (Although there are no examples of this that I'm aware of.)

EXAMPLES [edit section]

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

Environment variables used:
  • $TESTDIR - has the directory name (not full path) for the test
    • this is the same as the full name of the test (eg 'Benchmark.cyclictest')
  • ${TESTNAME}_TARBALL - has the filename of the test program source
    • this comes from the definition of 'tarball' in the base test script
  • ${TESTNAME}_GITREPO - has the online git repository for the test program source
    • this comes from 'gitrepo' in the base test script
  • ${TESTNAME}_GITREF - has a commmit id, tag, or branch reference for the source
    • this comes from 'gitref' in the base test script
  • $TEST_HOME - path to the tests home directory in the Fuego system


  • $1 is optional and may have the word "nostrip" to indicate that leading path components won't be stripped

RETURN [edit section]

Returns result of the 'tar' command, or the 'git checkout' command for the source.

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in scripts/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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