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function target reboot

NAME [edit section]


SYNOPSIS [edit section]

reboot the target, and wait for it to come back up

DESCRIPTION [edit section]

This function is used to reboot the target board. It calls ov_rootfs_reboot, and then loops doing 'cmd "true"'. It sleeps 1 second for each interation of the loop.

This function is called with a positional argument to indicate the number of retries to attempt.

EXAMPLES [edit section]

Here are some sample invocations:
     target_reboot $MAX_REBOOT_RETRIES

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section]

Positional argument $1 is used to indicate the number of retries to attempt.

RETURN [edit section]

This function aborts the job if it the board cannot be contacted after the reboot.

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in scripts/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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