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Fuego Issues List

Here is a list of Fuego issues:

Note: This issues page will be replaced by an issue tracker at gitlab.com. See https://gitlab.com/fuegotest/fuego/issues''

record_id  ^ Summary  ^ Status  ^ Priority  ^ Owner  ^
0014?action=show>0014 Make it easier to run with qemuarm target (possibly using virtme) open high Tim
0030 Several tests are deficient open high Tim
0035 Functional.scifab uses OSV_HOME for test directory on target open high Tim
0038 fix LTP sub-tests that cause problems (or allow them to be ignored) open high Tim
0064 Functional.OpenSSL doesn't compile with PLATFORM emdebian-armhf open high Tim
0072 invalid literal exception from sercp on some operations open high Tim
0073 Add partial results (by calling post-test) when a test times out open high Tim
0074 python dependency problem running Functional.fuego_release_test open high Tim
0076 Add batch tests to Fuego open high Tim
0079 The issue list is hard to use open high Tim
0081 Add provisioning to Fuego open high Tim
0082 Add monitors to Fuego open high Tim
0090 Can't use override-func in board file open high Tim
0001 Improve the guide documentation open medium Tim
0016 Add Description of test in user interface open medium Tim
0022 plot.png only has data for one test run open medium Tim
0024 Finish test package system in progress medium Tim
0032 remove open_posix test suite open medium Tim
0041 Support LAVA as a transport and board handler layer open medium Tim
0042 replace concurrent_check with fuego-specific board lock mechanism open medium Tim
0043 Add support for board_setup and board_teardown routines in base-board.fuegoclass file open medium Tim
0044 fix sersh to support busybox sh on the target board open medium Tim
0046 Switch documentation from tbwiki to sphynx (reStructuredText) and readthedocs done medium Tim
0047 convert timestamps in Fuego to be RFC 3339-compliant open medium Tim
0051 Make all test names use underscores rather than dashes open medium Tim
0053 Move lava scripts to fuego-core open medium Tim
0056 Benchmark.bonnie omits results for some targets open medium Tim
0057 Benchmark.bonnie fails if a 'noroot...' spec is used with 'root' test account open medium Tim
0061 Fuego does not support arbitrary arrays of results data (non-static testcases) open medium Tim
0063 cascade error if log file is missing (test aborts due to dependency check) open medium Tim
0066 Can't display a test with a field containing non-7-bit-ascii on server open medium Tim
0068 put description setter into ftc (remove from Jenkins) open medium Tim
0070 Add 'ftc set-criteria' command open medium Tim
0071 fix usage of SDKROOT in some tests open medium Tim
0075 Have ftc authenticate itself with Jenkins open medium Tim
0078 Problem loading plugins when creating 1.4-next container open medium Tim
0080 Write a test to check a new test for issues open medium Tim
0084 improve documentation by organizing it into the 4 kinds open medium Tim
0085 Fuego installation is failing due to Jenkins package not found open medium Tim
0088 Integrate test documentation with sphinx build and Jenkins interface open medium Tim
0089 Test timeout doesn't give partial results open medium Tim
0007 Add kselftest to Fuego open low not assigned
0033 Add missing tests from Matrix.official open low Tim
0034 write a Fuego plugin for Jenkins open low Tim
0069 Change prefix for test variables to something short (like TVAR_) open low Tim
0086 Remove unused fuego/jenkins directory open low Tim
0087 Remove unused fuego/fuego-rw/scripts directory open low Tim

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