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Release 1.4 Notes

Note: This page is under construction during the 1.4 release development cycle.

These are the Release Notes for the Fuego 1.4 release, which we are calling "????".

Major changes [edit section]

The major changes to Fuego in this release are as follows:
  • Addition of clitest to Fuego distribution in the docker container
  • new log_this function
  • Add new make_cache feature, to pre-build test binaries
  • build-out of Functional.busybox test
  • Test maintenance:
    • glib, glibc, iperf, more

Change details [edit section]

clitest [edit section]

clitest is a handy shell script for testing the results of command line operations. It is written purely in POSIX, so it can be used for both host-side and board-side testing.

It is installed in /usr/local/bin in the Fuego docker container, and is available for any tests that would like to use it.

log_this [edit section]

Some tests need to get information and data from host-side operations, that needs to be reported and analyzed by Fuego.

The new log_this function captures the output of commands executed on the host, and puts it (ultimately) into the test log for a run. Any command executed with "log_this" is saved during test execution, and placed in the final testlog.txt, after any board-side log data (from report and report_append) commands.

There are several tests (especially Fuego self-tests) that could use this feature, to avoid an awkward sequence of push-to-target, and report-cat, to get log data from the host into the testlog.

New tests in the 1.4 release [edit section]

The following new tests have been added in this release:
  • Functional.fuego_ftc_test

Test details [edit section]

tests various features of the ftc command-line tool, to make sure that new functionality has not broken anything.

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