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Release 1.4 test commit log

This has the commit log for each test for the 1.4 release (it lists commits that were made to each test from v1.3.0 on)

See Notes below for how this list was created.

Commits to individual Fuego tests [edit section]

== Benchmark.bonnie ==
29a2fab bonnie: have bonnie observer the no_static FUEGO_BUILD_FLAG

== Benchmark.cyclictest ==
3b2489b cyclictest:add min_latency graph
4dd62d2 cyclictest: adjust wording of RT group warning
bf8c28c Benchmark.cyclictest: add a warning for rt

== Benchmark.dbench4 ==
b48c63b dbench4: simplify a few lines
f4e4f0a dbench4: add compatibility with files on the target
9d677ad test.yaml: fix spaces
f602bac dbench4: fix chart_config error

== Benchmark.dd ==
f76afdc dd:fix with testname in spec

== Benchmark.deadlinetest ==
5e2e283 deadlinetest: change testName in spec file
e0d7c0a deadlinetest: add min_interval graph
9f1821d deadlinetest: change original upstream branch
f37fe28 deadlinetest: add a warning for rt

== Benchmark.Dhrystone ==
596c3e7 Dhrystone: update test.yaml file list

== Benchmark.hackbench ==
67a303c hackbench: change original upstream branch

== Benchmark.Interbench ==
7e56d53 Interbench: support to do tests on different block devices

== Benchmark.IOzone ==
3c62d89 IOzone: change excel suffix from xlsx to xls

== Benchmark.iperf ==
855143a Benchmark.iperf: fixed build error of redefine

== Benchmark.iperf3 ==
15e3207 iperf3: use static compilation for libiperf

== Benchmark.migratetest ==
f6f63ec migratetest: add min_interval graph
985a2ea migratetest: change testName and branch of spec file
121bf2b migratetest: add RT group warning

== Benchmark.nbench_byte ==
6e9f923 nbench_byte: make directory list consistent
0f850bc nbench_byte: add another choice that can do dynamic compilation

== Benchmark.OpenSSL ==
7589810 core: switch from PLATFORM to TOOLCHAIN

== Benchmark.pmqtest ==
211e20a pmqtest: add min_latency graph
6cb85e9 pmqtest: change original upstream branch
50e9467 pmqtest:add a warning for rt

== Benchmark.ptsematest ==
f193fe0 ptsematest: add RT group warning
70fd874 ptsematest: change original upstream branch
9cad72f ptsematest: fix no nproc cmd on board
96dec40 ptsematest: add min_latency graph

== Benchmark.reboot ==
cd024a7 reboot: fix "unary operator expected" bug

== Benchmark.signaltest ==
6e07dc7 signaltest:change original upstream branch
29ae5fb signaltest: add min_latency graph
04d3f17 signaltest:add a warning for rt

== Benchmark.sigwaittest ==
3f1f02a sigwaittest: add min_latency graph
95f5bb3 sigwaittest: change original upstream branch
279495b sigwaittest: add a warning for rt

== Benchmark.svsematest ==
e8c5376 svsematest: add RT group warning
a9dac41 svsematest: fix no nproc cmd on board
d1d88ab svsematest: change original upstream branch
5686a91 svsematest: add min_latency graph

== Benchmark.sysbench ==
fee55b3 sysbench: add FIXTHIS for libaio check
859800a sysbench: add sysbench test

== Benchmark.tiobench ==
70fccde tiobench: fix up chart_config.json
68a07cb tiobench: fix the error in the command

== Functional.arch_timer ==
74cee35 arch_timer: fix maintainer e-mail in test.yaml file
5ccd505 arch_timer: rework entire test from scratch

== Functional.boost ==
7589810 core: switch from PLATFORM to TOOLCHAIN

== Functional.fuego_board_check ==
4f41863 fuego_board_check: add 'tail' list of scanned programs
661098a fuego tests: use log_this for logging of host-side data

== Functional.fuego_check_tables ==
661098a fuego tests: use log_this for logging of host-side data

== Functional.fuego_lint ==
9bdb359 fuego_lint: use log_this to simplify test

== Functional.fuse ==
15615bd fuse: disable fusexmp test, and rm -rf at end of test
4cb5417 fuse: add some documentation for this test
03e6fdd fuse: deploy .so files to board if needed

== Functional.glib ==
8999324 Functional.glib: fixed to support multi version
ef5e9bb Functional.glib: add glib-2.46.2.tar.bz2 & glib-2.48.2.bz2
f855fd5 glib: add test.yaml file

== Functional.glibc ==
9694a94 glibc: escape $ in echo for generated shell script

== Functional.kernel_build ==
c27db72 kernel_build: set local_dir and default path
7afe0f5 kernel_build: mkdir deploy path if non existent
ccb39b7 kernel_build: use tftpboot by default
3d20ed9 kernel_build: check build target in pre_check
699f08d kernel_build: force kernel to rebuild on every run
8ce87dd kernel_build: adjust some deploy names and defaults
1ef3bdb kernel_build: add multiple deploy options
7bfb818 kernel_build: use log_this for storing the build log
4be3d22 kernel_build: build modules and compress them
dffa646 kernel_build: use test_build instead of test_run
d174162 kernel_build: support kernel config files
ad5e65a kernel_build: use tinyconfig by default
c477fe7 kernel_build: separate the build target from the parameters

== Functional.LTP ==
e7a4103 LTP: add small remark on how the rt list was obtained
1be873f ltp_process: add support for SIGNALED
17f2104 LTP: add doc about fcntl35
9c08148 LTP: add test.yaml describing all variables
c91edb6 LTP: add noautoskip to the quickhit spec
d31a34d LTP: add noautoskip option for power users
ac6f482 LTP: skip fanotify07 depending on the kernel version
e739336 LTP: add a kernel version check using version_lt
8253a21 LTP: do not skip adjtimex02
dc321ed LTP: do not skip addkey02 and add a doc file
0f2f090 LTP: fix small errata
24fac73 LTP: do not skip openat02
af84247 LTP: skip sbrk03 and others depending on architecture

== Functional.LTP_one_test ==
c3cc6bd ltp_one_test: copy the file during deploy

== Functional.lwip ==
d61ce42 lwpip: fix problem with killall return value

== Functional.neon ==
4e2cfbc Functional.neon: change pre-check and build

== Functional.pam ==
e7a2b2c pam: add docs
9e46834 pam: remove extra log_compare
3b071eb pam: add test case for pam.

== Functional.pi_tests ==
d1c1253 pi_tests: add RT group warning
42461db Functional.pi_tests: fixed a spec error

== Functional.pixman ==
0410c1a Functional.pixman: support pixman 0.34.0 version

== Functional.pppd ==
525ebba pppd: remove debug lines
f949233 pppd: use command with absolute path

== Functional.scifab ==
8d27401 scifab: add test.yaml file
dd96843 scifab & sdhi_0: Remove unneded tarfile
717f4c8 scifab: re-write this sci test

== Functional.scrashme ==
a1bebe5 Functional.scrashme: fixed to support arm64

== Functional.sdhi_0 ==
dd96843 scifab & sdhi_0: Remove unneded tarfile
4c95337 sdhi_0: add dependency on 'dd' program
b1eaa7d sdhi_0: re-write this sdhi_0 test

== Functional.serial_rx ==
931441e serial_rx: convert tabs to spaces in
2e55e4a serial_rx: fix errors in test_run

== Functional.tiff ==
7589810 core: switch from PLATFORM to TOOLCHAIN

How this list was created [edit section]

cd fuego-core/engine/tests ; for test in * ; do echo "== $test ==" ; git log --oneline v1.3.0.. $test ; done

Then, tests that were new to this release, or had no commits, were removed from the list.

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