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fuego board function lib.sh

Description [edit section]

fuego_board_function_lib.sh is library of shell functions for performing certain board-side operations in a distribution-independent way. This set of utility functions is provided so that commonly used operations can be performed on a variety of distributions (both desktop and embedded distributions of Linux) without having to write special-case implementations.

The library is written purely in POSIX, so it can be used for board-side testing on almost all Linux platforms.

The library is normally copied to the board during the test's deploy phase. It resides in found in the host computer in the 'scripts' directory. This is found at /fuego-core/engine/scripts/fuego_board_function_lib.sh inside the docker container.

Deploying the library [edit section]

To put the script on board being tested, copy it to the board during the test's 'deploy' phase (in test_deploy in the test's fuego_test.sh file), with a command like so:
  • put $FUEGO_CORE/engine/scripts/fuego_board_function_lib.sh $BOARD_TESTDIR/fuego.$TESTDIR

Using the library [edit section]

Once the script is on the board, you can use it in your test's board-side shell script by sourc'ing it into the script, and calling its functions.

Assuming you have a shell script running in the $BOARD_TESTDIR/fuego.$TESTDIR directory, you could have the following lines inside your script:

    . fuego_board_function_lib.sh

This 'sources' the script (function library) into your current shell environment, and then calls the 'set_init_manager' routine, which is one of the functions in the library.

Functionality overview [edit section]

fuego_board_function_lib.sh supports the following operations:

  • 1) detecting the init manager (proc 1) running on the system
  • 2) detecting the type of logger service running on the system
  • 3) starting and stopping system services in a distribution-neutral way.

Function reference [edit section]

  • set_init_manager - sets 'init_manager' to either 'systemd' or 'sysvinit'
  • detect_logger_service - sets 'logger_service' to either 'syslog-ng' or 'syslog'
  • exec_service_on_target - is used to start or stop a named service on the target board

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