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The environment variable FUEGO_LOGLEVELS is used to control debug output during execution of a Fuego test.

If this variable is not set, the default logging level for all areas of test execution is "info".

There are 5 logging levels available, and messages from Fuego are categorized into these 5 different levels:

  • error
  • warning
  • info
  • verbose
  • debug

Specifying a particular level means that all messages above that level will be output. Messages at level 'error' are always shown, no matter what loglevel is specified.

The FUEGO_LOGLEVELS variable is a string containing a list of areas and loglevel combinations, separated by commas. The area and loglevel are joined by a colon.

Here is an example: export FUEGO_LOGLEVELS="deploy:verbose,criteria:debug"

Area names correspond to phases, and to sub-phases of the processing step. The following area names are supported:

  • pre_test
  • pre_check
  • build
  • makepkg
  • deploy
  • snapshot
  • run
  • post_test
  • processing
  • parser
  • criteria
  • charting

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