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function test build in 'raw' format

= NAME =

Performs the actual steps needed to build the test software.

This function is defined in the base test script for a test, and executes those
commands required to build the software.

When this function starts, the source code for the test program has been
unpacked, and the current directory is the root directory where the source
is located (in /fuego-rw/buildzone/<''test_name''-''platform_name''/>

== Commonly called functions or programs ==
This function can contain calls to just about any command, but there are some
common commands used for building Linux source
 * patch - used to apply patches to the source
 * configure - used with autoconf-based source
 * make - used to build programs from source

Some sample contents are:
function test_build {
    make && touch test_suite_ready || build_error "error building software"

function test_build {
    make && touch test_suite_ready || build_error "error building software"

function test_build {
    patch -N -s -p1 < $TEST_HOME/nbench_Makefile.patch
    rm -f pointer.h && touch pointer.h
    CLFAGS+= " -s -static -Wall -O3"
    make CFLAGS="${CFLAGS}" CC="$CC" AR="$AR" RANLIB="$RANLIB" CXX="$CXX" CPP="$CPP" CXXCPP="$CXXCPP" && touch test_suite_ready || build_error "error while building test"

A number of environment variables are set (see [[Core interfaces]] and [[Variables]])

However, some variables that are commonly used in this function are:
 * $TEST_HOME - the directory where source materials for the test are located
   * This is often used to reference patch files
 * The toolchain variables:
   * $CC, $AR, $LD, $RANLIB, $CXX, $CPP, $CXXPP (see [[]])

There are no arguments to this function.

returns non-zero for error

On success, the function should create the file 'test_suite_ready' in the root of the build directory.  This is normally done with the 'touch' command, as shown in the examples.

Located in the base script for each test.  The base test scripts are located in /fuego-core/engine/tests/<test_name>.

An example path would be: ''/fuego-core/engine/tests/Functional.hello_world/''

 * [[function_build|build]], [[function_pre_build|pre_build]], [[function_post_build|post_build]]

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