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Release 1.4 To Do

Here are things to do for the 1.4 release:

general list [edit section]

  • (done) Documentation:
    • (done) document snapshot phase (done)
    • (done) document dynamic vars
    • (done) document new tests
      • try: echo "fuego-core/engine/tests/*" | xargs | sort -k 2 -V
    • (done) document new quickstart ( followed by
  • Do release testing
    • default test plan:
      • (done) test bbb
      • (done) test docker
      • (done) test min1
      • (done) test ren1
      • (done) test rpi3-2
    • fuego test plan:
      • (done) docker
      • (done) fuego-test
      • (done) ftc-test
      • (done) min1
      • (done) ren1
      • (done) rpi3-2
  • (done) triage test results:
  • (done) fix priority bugs
  • General:

  • fix bugs:
    • FIXED - can't execute job for a test with no spec file.
    • DEFER ftc add-node help doesn't work (ftc add-nodes help does)
      • make help work with singular command names
    • FIXED ftc add-node help doesn't mention '-b'
      • update all functions that take a board, to specify the '-b' flag
    • DEFER beaglebone-serial Functional.fuego_board_check has error in pre_test and then hangs:
      Logged in as user root
      echo Starting test beaglebone
      ne-serial.default.Functional.fuego_board_check >> /tmp/fuego.Functional.fuego_boa
      ard_check/fake-syslog' ; r=$?; echo '
      ERROR: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '[ [&&serio_cmd_done&&]]'

  • things to commit
    • sync fix
    • Functional.fuego_commit
    • Functional.lava??
    • more fujitsu tests?

planned/priorities [edit section]

  • 'action' tests, to do: make_cache, make_report
  • support remote test
  • support squad back-end
  • support interactive run-test (with interactive creation of board file)

priorities for this release [edit section]

things done [edit section]

  • document log_this
  • document snapshot function
  • jobs now use ftc run-test
  • ftc -b

List of deferred things [edit section]

  • document how to use fserver
    • how to use the existing fserver at fuegotest
    • how to set up your own fserver

deferred from 1.3 [edit section]

  • add checkbox and replot to flot plots? (maybe not)
  • change default port for Jenkins from 8080 to 8090
  • support fuego release self-test (probably defer to 1.4 release)
  • move fuego-core dir inside fuego
  • create pre-built docker image
  • more flake8 testing
    • add check of parsing code to Functional.fuego_lint
  • add backfire kernel module build
  • parse LTP error descriptions
  • process rst into html for testcases, and have it appear in Jenkins interface
  • support board reboot (via BOARD_CONTROL) with another tool
    • support lava, labgrid, r4d, or boruta (Pawel's) DUT control software?
  • support board provisioning (via BOARD_CONTROL)
    • LTS provisioning support
  • remove or convert all chart_configs to proper files
  • convert documentation to reStructureText
    • create new user guide
    • convert wiki architecture guide
    • convert wiki developer reference materials

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