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Release 1.1 documentation To Do

Here is a list of items to do to switch to the 1.1 documentation:
  • (done) make fuego-1.0 wiki
  • (done) revert 1.0 wiki pages with 1.1 content (restore pages prior to 3/31)
  • make a list of changed variables:
    • changed variables
      • BOARD_OVERLAY (was in node file, now ???)
      • DISTRIB (was in node file, now in board file)
        • add to "Adding a board", and board variables pages
      • CUR_LOG - changed to TEST_LOG everywhere
      • (done?) FUEGO_HOME - changed to: BOARD_TESTDIR
      • (done) FUEGO_SCRIPTS_PATH - changed to: FUEGO_CORE/engine/scripts
      • (done) FUEGO_ENGINE_PATH - changed to: FUEGO_CORE/engine
      • (done) FUEGO_TESTS_PATH - changed to: FUEGO_CORE/engine/tests
      • (done) Target_Cleanup -> Target_PreCleanup and Target_PostCleanup
    • (done) edit pages that reference these variables
  • get rid of pages with duplicate info
    • there are at least 4 pages with information on the log files:
      • Log Files
      • (done) Jenkins-Fuego details
      • (done) Fuego directories
      • Fuego Developer Notes
      • and probably more
  • make a list of changed directories:
    • (done) userdata -> fuego-ro/fuego-rw/fuego-core
    • /home/jenkins
    • log directory
  • new material
    • (done) run.json file
  • (done) move junk from Architecture page to Developer Notes page
  • read through all docs and modify references
  • (done) change Jenkins interface images throughout
    • graphs on Architecture
      • <board>.conf -> <board_name>.board
      • <target> ->
      • add <distro>.dist ??
      • find the source for these diagrams
    • (done) Fuego_Quickstart_Guide
      • starting dashboard
    • (done) Jenkins_User_Interface
      • pages for dashboard, job configuration, board configuration, build, console log

other items [edit section]

  • make a feature status page (roadmap)

tasks found during documentation review [edit section]

  • description of "generated" script is not correct
    • we should actually generate a script, but we generate the prolog file from overlays and specs, and source that into the base script
  • has a confusing name - it should be named something else

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