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Here are some unanswered questions.

FIXTHIS - answer all of the questions on the Questions page (1 remaining)

Questions [edit section]

Fuego questions [edit section]

Jenkins questions [edit section]

  • why does the Exclusion administration page have all tests dependent on $JOB_NAME?

Answers [edit section]

Questions that were answered [edit section]

  • How does a job get the result of "unstable" or "aborted", in the Jenkins interface?
    • the job result has to be changed by some entity. Jenkins does not detect 'unstable' itself.
      • 'unstable' is intended to reflect a build that maybe only partially completed. Something went wrong somewhere, but the build results may still be usable.
  • what is postbuild.groovy used for in Fuego 1.0?
    • It was used to set the job description in the build.xml file
    • Benchmark.dbench failed on 5/13/16 due to postbuild.groovy problem
  • how can I easily make a change in fuego inside the container (say to a test script), and then push it to my fuego-core repository outside the container?
  • should I write a script to set up my own tools to work in the container?
    • yes - see ~/work/fuego/

  • what does the notepad icon mean in the 0.History tab on the home dashboard screen?
    • It means that the test run has a build.description, and the notepad is a link to that.
    • This view is a "Latest tests run" portlet, provided by the Dashboard-view plugin, with the 0.History pane configured by Cogent Embedded.
    • See: Dashboard_view#the_0.History_notepad_icon_mystery for details

  • how does Jenkins know the path to the jobs directory under /home/jenkins/fuego jobs?
    • there's a symlink from /var/lib/jenkins/jobs to /home/jenkins/fuego/jobs
    • Jenkins creates the build.xml file, and the symlinks for the build number, and last*Build files
    • see also: build.xml

  • what plugins are installed in Jenkins in fuego, and what are they used for.

  • How can you see the devlog, systemlog and test log for a test?

  • why are there so many instances and links to
    • Answer: Bad design.
    • Answer2: all the symlinks were removed in Fuego 1.1
  • which of is used by the plotting feature?
    • inside the container, you can find at:
      • 1. /fuego-core/logs/ (the one from fuego-core git repository)
    • mod.js used to reference, but as of Fuego 1.1 it now references metrics.json inside /fuego-core/logs/<test-name>/ directory.

Questions answered, but not documented elsewhere in the wiki yet [edit section]

  • why is the log not copied for Functional.hello_world.log (on test failure on Sep 1)
    • because the test program itself returned failure. It should only indicate failure in the log, and return success
      • or, the test script should force success after the test runs
    • FIXTHIS - document that test programs should exit with 0 indicating a successful run, even if what they are testing failed. Exit of non-zero indicates a failure of test infrastructure, not failure of the test.

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