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LTS Testing with Fuego

This page describes how to test an LTS kernel with Fuego.

As of April, 2018, this page was under construction...

Intended Outline [edit section]

  • Installing Fuego
  • DUT (device under test) setup
  • executing tests
    • comparing your baseline results to others
    • setting your own baseline (custom criteria.json)
  • interpreting results
  • reporting failures
  • adding to the test pool
    • LTP
    • kselftest

Installing Fuego [edit section]

Eventually, I want this to be:
  • curl
  • ./
  • # install and test docker jobs (optional, but recommended for first-time users)
  • ./docker-test
    • ftc add-node docker
    • ftc add-jobs -b docker -p testplan_docker_check
    • ftc build-job docker.testplan_docker_check.batch
    • (wait for completion)
    • ftc gen-report

What it is now...

  • ...

DUT Setup [edit section]

To test LTS, you need a machine or board capable of running an LTS version of the kernel. This may require some setup on your part.

There are two options:

  • run LTS on your local host
  • run LTS on a target board

How I'm doing it in Bird Farm [edit section]

  • installed fuego
  • added min1 board
  • ftc add-job -b min1 -p testplan_lts
  • manually created new job in Fuego Jenkins: min1.lts
    • execute shell command:
        mkdir -p /fuego-rw/buildzone/$NODE_NAME
        cd /fuego-rw/buildzone/$NODE_NAME
        ttc $NODE_NAME get_kernel -o linux
        cd linux
        ttc $NODE_NAME get_config
        ttc $NODE_NAME kbuild
        ttc $NODE_NAME kinstall
        sleep 40
        ftc build-job $NODE_NAME.tesplan_lts.batch
  • # configure job to poll lts for new job (should be able to use get-lts -t)

issues encountered [edit section]

  • get-lts not installed in docker container
  • min1/config-4.13.0-38-generic not available in container
    • put in /fuego-ro/boards as min1-lts-4.14-config
    • this requires a change to ttc.conf
      • need to override ttc.conf min1 with a new get_config_cmd
      • can add with TTC_CONF=/fuego-rw/boards/min1-ttc.conf
        • contents: target=min1, get_config_cmd="""cp /fuego-ro/boards/min1-....config $KBUILD_OUTPUT/.config, etc.

  • would be better to get the config from some Debian minnowboard config online

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