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JFH17 Issues Found

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Issues Found [edit section]

Put notes about issues found here.

Sample issue - can't add issues [edit section]

Description: I can't figure out how to add an issue to this page.

Answer: put each issue in it's own 2nd-level section (sections names start and end with '=')

Just describe the issue, and put relevant information. If it's significant, consider creating an issue on in the Fuego Issues List

Jenkins UI is not very discoverable [edit section]

Description: It is difficult for a new user to determine what icons or test items to click on to achieve any specific task.

If you click on something, will it trigger an action or just show some data?


  • On the test page with a view tab selected, if you click on the name - what happens?
  • If I hover on the status icon, it shows a text description of the status, but clicking on it does nothing.
  • If I hover on the clock icon on the right end of the line, it says schedule a build, but without hovering the icon has no meaning to me.
  • Hovering on the name doesn't show any text, but does expose a down arrow. Clicking on the down arrow then provides a menu.

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Unable to follow Fuego Quickstart on old docker [edit section]

Following error occurs when following the quick start guide at step 3 of http://fuegotest.org/wiki/Fuego_Quickstart_Guide#Download,_build,_start_and_access

This was on the raspberry pi 3, used at the class.

    pi@rpi3-2:~/work/fuego $ ./install.sh
    flag provided but not defined: --build-arg
    See 'docker build --help'.
    pi@rpi3-2:~/work/fuego $ less install.sh
    pi@rpi3-2:~/work/fuego $ docker --version
    Docker version 1.8.3, build f4bf5c7
    pi@rpi3-2:~/work/fuego $ cat /etc/debian_version

raspberry pi tests are very slow [edit section]

ssh session negotiation may be taking a long time, combined with too many separate ssh sessions.

Should investigate socat, or some way of keeping using a single ssh connection for multiple commands.

ssh allows you to change encryption method, which may take less time.

We should see how many ssh connections we establish during a test and see if it can be reduced.

Quickstart guide "add test" is ambiguous [edit section]

The quickstart guide says to "add a test", but it's unclear what this means. Does it mean to create a new test?

It means to select tests from the pre-existing Fuego tests, to add to the Jenkins interface, but this is a concept that is unknown to new users.

The wording needs to be changed here.

Quickstart guide: It is confusing to use 'docker' board for beginners [edit section]

When user try to execute tests on docker board just as trial. Only this step is required
  • (container prompt)$ ftc add-nodes myboard docker
  • (container prompt)$ ftc add-jobs -b docker -p testplan_docker

But the guide explained how to add board and toolchain. User is confused to prepare virtual/phiscal board to try to execute test on Fuego.

Jessie is a pretty old base distro [edit section]

Why does the docker container have a really old version of Debian?

TESTDIR is a crummy variable name [edit section]

TESTDIR is used in practically all tests, and has the name of the test.

When presenting this to new users, to explain how to write a test, it's a bit embarrassing having to explain what this is.

Note: this is used in log_compare, and in the location for the test in test_deploy and test_run.

We should change it, but we probably need to leave TESTDIR, as it's used internally practically everywhere. So, we should probably leave TESTDIR in place, and add a TEST_NAME or similar variable, and start using that in all the fuego_test.sh scripts in the repository.

log_compare doesn't use the TESTDIR argument [edit section]

I think TESTDIR is a completely redundant argument to log_compare, and we should remove it.

For backwards compatibility with existing tests, we should probably migrate to a new function that doesn't use this parameter.


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