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Issue 0005 in 'raw' format

; Summary: Use latest Jenkins version for Fuego
; Owner: Tim
; Reporter: AGL JTA
; Status: closed
; Priority: very high

= Description =
The current fuego repository uses a snapshotted debian package, of Jenkins version 1.509.2.

However, Fuego should change to using latest Jenkins version. (2.7.1 is the latest LTS release)

There are numerous reasons this is important.

The AGL test team has already updated their version to a later Jenkins version.
They want to update Jenkins as needed to get recent security fixes for the

In order to avoid having the AGL project stay forked from Fuego, we need
to adopt the latest version.

Also, we should make sure we refactor the container build system to avoid
using Jenkins and plugin snapshots anyway.

= Notes =
There are some issues with upgrading:
 * making sure all snapshotted plugins work in the new system

== What things have changed? ==
Apparently some of the plugins don't work with Jenkins 2.7.1.
 * flot
 * plot?

I believe that the build_number or build_id is now different, and this
causes problems for software dependent on these
 * FIXTHIS - investigate build_number build_id difference between Jenkins versions

; backlink: [[Fuego Issues List]]

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