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split LTP test

Here are some files for the split LTP test:

These two tests can be used to test LTP on targets using a serial transfer, by allowing the user to manually install the LTP test materials (and not try to transfer 400 meg. over the serial port (on every test invocation.)

Please see the test.yaml files for descriptions, and the console log for instructions for manually moving the LTP_for_target.tgz to the target.

Here are instructions in summary:

  • download the test packages from this server
  • install them with:
    • $ ftc install-test Functional.LTP_deploy_only-1.1-1.ftp
    • $ ftc install-test Functional.LTP_run_only-1.1-1.ftp
  • make jobs for them with ftc add-jobs
  • build job: myboard.default.Functional.LTP_deploy_only
  • transfer the file /fuego-rw/buildzone/LTP_for_target.tgz to your target manually
  • install the file LTP_for_target.tgz manually on your target
    • if it were in /tmp, do the following:
      • mkdir -p /opt/fuego.LTP
      • tar -C /opt/fuego.LTP /tmp/LTP_for_target.tgz
  • build job: myboard.default.Functional.LTP_run_only
    • this should use the LTP materials in /opt/fuego.LTP to execute the LTP tests


    ftc install-test is broken in the 1.1 release, due to directory permissions
    on the fuego-core directory.  This will be fixed in the 1.2 release, but for
    now, instead of doing ftc install-test inside the container, do the following ''outside'' the container:
     * tar -C fuego-core/engine/tests -xzvf Functional.LTP_deploy_only-1.1-1.ftp
     * tar -C fuego-core/engine/tests -xzvf Functional.LTP_run_only-1.1-1.ftp

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