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release-1.1-test-2017-03-31 Notes

Here are some notes for testing the 1.1 release

testing on 2017-04-03 [edit section]

  • LTP has numerous problems
  • many tests have problems
  • Functional.fuego_abort
    • abort from Jenkins
      • on docker:
        • test stops (OK)
        • signal_hander runs (OK)
          • 2. err_signal handler runs
        • post_test runs (OK)
        • test_cleanup runs (OK)
        • console log has everything (FAIL)
          • console log only gets as far as source
          • console log gets to call_if_present, then no more console log
          • console log terminates at different spots
        • testlog.txt has everything (OK)
        • target process (fuegosleep) killed (OK)
        • test directory is deleted (OK)
      • on bbb:
        • test stops (OK)
        • signal_handler runs (OK)

testing on 2017-03-31 [edit section]

  • cyclictest.default fails on docker - needs root permissions
  • dbench.default - fails on docker to create directory /a - permission denied
  • Dhrystone.default - fails on docker - not enough loops
  • lmbench.default - hangs on bbb - after test, console is horked
  • (1) tests that were aborted don't have their directories cleaned up
  • LTP has numerous problems
    • spec ltplite doesn't work - produces an empty log
    • spec smoketest (which only does the fs_bind test) doesn't work - produces and empty log
    • if the log is empty, then gets and exception.

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