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loggen.py is a python program used to manage log results, as part of report generation for Fuego.

Note: REP_ in variables is short for 'REPORT'

arguments [edit section]

loggen.py is called from reports.sh, with the following arguments:

  • --create-logrun $REP_LOGRUN_FILE
    • --testplan $BATCH_TESTPLAN
    • --board $NODE_NAME
    • --run-num $BUILD_NUMBER

  • --append-funcres message
    • --logrun-file $REP_LOGRUN_FILE
    • --testname $JOB_NAME

  • --append-logfile $TEST_RES
    • --logrun-file $REP_LOGRUN_FILE
    • --testname $JOB_NAME

TEST_RES is a file containing test results from a benchmark operation. It is called <board>.<build_id>.<build_num>.res.json This file is created by the parser file, and is the results for the benchmark in json format.

It is set to GEN_TESTRES_FILE, which is written to by parser/common.py.

main actions [edit section]

Can be used to create a logrun file.

A logrun file is in json format, with top level fields of:

  • device
  • testplan
  • runLogs - where logs are accumulated
  • runNumber

An --append-logfile operation will add an object with:

  • logFile - the filename (xxxx.res.json file)
  • testName

to the runLogs list.

An --append-funcres operation will add an object with:

  • testName
  • testResult

to the runLogs list.

SEE ALSO [edit section]

See also Report Generator, gentexml.py, check_create_logrun, check_create_functional_logrun

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