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PROGRAM [edit section]

DESCRIPTION [edit section] is a python program that is used to put the data from benchmark test results into json files, for use by the Jenkins flot plugin module.

It is called by bench_processing during post_test for a benchmark test.

outline [edit section]

The program has the following rough outline:
  • read the reference.log file to get the metric names
  • parse into a python structure
  • write data into the <testname>.<metric>.json file
  • write data into the <testname>.info.json file

ENVIRONMENT and ARGUMENTS [edit section] takes takes positional arguments on its command line.
  • $1 - $JOB_NAME - the name of the test (ex: 'Benchmark.Dhrystone')
  • $2 - $DATA_FILE - the name containing the plot data (<testname>/
  • $3 - $REF_FILE - the name of the reference log (<testname>/reference.log) is called with the following invocation, from bench_processing:

      run_python $PYTHON_ARGS $FUEGO_CORE/engine/scripts/parser/ $JOB_NAME $DATA_FILE $REF_FILE $TESTDIR

OUTPUT [edit section]

This program outputs the files:
  • <testname>.<metric>.json (ex: Benchmark.Dhrystone.Dhrystone.json)
  • <testname>.info.json (ex:

SOURCE [edit section]

Located in /home/jenkins/fuego/engine/scripts/parser/

SEE ALSO [edit section]

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