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Using the qemuarm target in 'raw' format

Here are some quick instructions for using the qemuarm target that is
preinstalled in fuego.

Fuego does not ship with a qemuarm image in the repository, but assumes
that you have built one with the Yocto Project.

If you don't have one lying around, you will need to build one.  Then
you should follow the other steps on this  page to configure it to run
with Fuego.

= Build a qemuarm image =
Here are some quick steps for building a qemuarm image using the Yocto Project:
(See the [[|Yocto Project Quick Start]], for more information)

Note that these steps are for Ubuntu.

 * make sure you have required packages for building the software
   * sudo apt-get install gawk wget git-core diffstat unzip texinfo gcc-multilib build-essential chrpath socat libsdl1.2-dev xterm
 * install the qemu software
   * sudo apt-get install qemu-user
 * download the latest stable release of the Yocto Project
   * git clone git://
 * configure for building the qemuarm target
   * cd poky
   * source oe-init-build-env build-qemuarm build-qemuarm
   * edit conf/local.conf
     * Under the comment about "Machine Selection", uncomment the line 'MACHINE ?= "qemuarm"'
 * build a minimal image (this will take a while)
   * bitbake core-image-minimal

= Running the qemuarm image =
You can run the emulator, using the image you just built:
 * run the emulator
   * runqemu qemuarm

 * find the address and ssh port for the image
   * inside the image, do 'ifconfig eth0'

= Test connectivity =
From the host, verify that the networking is running:
 * ping
 * ssh root@

Of course, substitute the correct IP address in the commands above.

Once you know that things are working, directly connecting from the
host to the qemuarm image, make sure the correct values are in the
qemu-arm.board file.  You can edit this file inside the fuego container
at /fuego-ro/boards/qemu-arm.board, or on your host in fuego-ro/boards/qemu-arm.board

Here are the values you should set:
 * IPADDR=""
 * SSH_PORT=22
 * LOGIN="root"

= Test building software =
It is important to be able to build the test software for the image you
are using with qemu.

The toolchain used to compile programs for a board is controlled via
the PLATFORM variable in the board file.  Currently the qemu-arm.board
file specifies PLATFORM="qemu-armv7hf".  Unfortunately, in my own testing
that toolchain won't produce a binary that runs with a core-image-minimal
image from YP Poky.

You may need to install your Yocto Project SDK into fuego, in order to
successfully build programs for the platforms.

See [[Adding a toolchain]] for information about how to do that.

Try building a simple program, like hello_world, as a test for the new system, and see what happens.

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