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Using Fuego with LAVA

This page has notes about using Fuego with LAVA (Linaro Automated Validation Architecture).

Some users have pre-existing testing labs that use LAVA, or want to use LAVA as a board management layer or provisioning layer for their boards.

This page has information about different ways to use Fuego in a LAVA environment.

Most of this is based on a presentation by Liu Wenlong, of Fujitsu. A link to this presentation is below.

There are two main approaches to integration with LAVA, which I will refer to as:

  • "LAVA hacking session" approach
  • "Functional.lava" approach

Presentation [edit section]

See Establish and automated test lab for AGL (Presentation by Liu Wenlong, of Fujitsu)

LAVA hacking session approach [edit section]

Fuego includes some scripts that you reference in a board description, to utilize LAVA as the board manager for that board.

To do this, you have to create two additional files for each board that is under management by LAVA:

  • $BOARD.lava holds environment variables used by LAVA for job submission
  • $BOARD.lava.yaml holds a template for the LAVA test job

Then, you modify Fuego's board file to use special "setup" and "teardown" routines, which will be called as part of a test execution for that board.

Add a $BOARD.lava file [edit section]

The $BOARD.lava file resides in fuego-ro/boards (alongside the Fuego board definition file). It contains several shell environment variables that are used for the LAVA integration.

Here is a list of the variables used:

There is a sample $BOARD.yaml file in fuego repository, in the fuego-ro/boards directory. Most commonly, the way to create your own $BOARD.lava file is to copy this existing example into your own file, and edit the values to match those required for your board and LAVA configuration.

Add a $BOARD.lava.yaml file [edit section]

The $BOARD.lava.yaml file is a job definition file for LAVA, that Fuego will populate with information from different information

Use LAVA setup and teardown scripts [edit section]

These scripts are called:
  • fuego-lava-target-setup
  • fuego-lava-target-teardown

To use these, add the following lines to your Fuego board file:


Functional.lava approach [edit section]

... FIXTHIS - finish this page ...

This approach was proposed by Fujitsu (in the above presentation), but as of this writing (December, 2018), it has not been integrated into Fuego.

It uses the "release engineering" scripts from AGL, to create a set of jobs for Fuego, using a new Fuego test called "Functional.lava".

Functional.lava will create a LAVA test job.

Then the lava-tool is used to submit the job to LAVA for execution.

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