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Unknown features in 'raw' format

Here is a list of features people probably don't know about Fuego:

 - ability to run ftc outside the container
    - can use environment variable FUEGO_CONTAINER to specify the container name
    - otherwise, uses first running container that contains the word 'fuego'
    - requires extra packages installed on host:
      - python-lxml, python-jenkins, python-requests, python-yaml
 - per_job_build
    - ability to force Fuego to use a different build directory for each job
      - different jobs might have different specs for the same test
      - two boards might have the same PLATFORM, and can share
 - putting FUNCTIONAL_LTP_SKIPLIST in the board file
    - don't need to make a whole spec for one problematic test
 - dynamic board variables
    - using them for temporary, persistent data
 - ftc add-view
    - ftc add-view name <regex>
    - ftc add-view name
    - ftc add-view name =<joblist>

 - ftc add-job -b board1,board2,board3 -t Functional.sometest
    - support for multiple boards in one go

 - Jenkins search for job
 - Jenkins history
 - Jenkins console log  header links and menus
    - can click on links at start of console log

= parser authoring tips =
 * test your regex with:
   * import re
   * re.findall(regex, str, re.MULTILINE)
   * see if it breaks apart the string into tuples as expected

= obsolete
 - FUEGO_DEBUG bitmasks

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