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Toshiba Sony merge to do

Here is a list of things to do to merge the Toshiba and Sony code bases:

to do [edit section]

  • ftc run-test
    • store the fuego data, even if there is no matching jenkins job
      • store run.json file
      • e.g. I run ftc run-test bbb-poky-sdk Functional.hello_world testplan_quick
      • but there is no: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/docker.testplan_quick.Functional.hello_world directory
      • create alternative fuego directory for "console" output and build status
    • time is wrong (47 years ago)
    • description is off
      • should be link to log
    • I faked DISTRIB
    • I faked post_script (the script from the xml file)

  • ftc tasks:
    • add fuego-create-jobs to ftc (ftc create-jobs)
    • add fuego-delete-jobs to ftc (ftc delete-jobs)
    • add fuego-create-node to ftc (ftc create-node)
    • add fuego-delete-node to ftc (ftc delete-node)
    • allow ftc to run both inside and outside the container
      • have a different config inside the container from outside the container
      • detect whether in the container or not
      • add global configuration to ftc
        • specify board directory
        • specify test directory
        • specify log directories
        • specify build directories
    • have ftc run-test save result, and perform post_test
    • have ftc run-test replace the main sequence in (., ., and .
    • rename all base scripts to
  • make board file writable for device dictionary entries
    • or, change ftc to put entries in another file and source that in board
      • fuego-rw/boards/
      • source /fuego-rw/boards/
    • or have overlay generator add it needs fixing [edit section]

  • trying to run job docker.Functional.fuego_board_check I get an error from ovgen (about Benchmark.bfoo not having a spec, or something)
      ++ run_python /fuego-core/engine/scripts/ \
        --classdir /fuego-core/engine/overlays/base \
        --ovfiles /fuego-core/engine/overlays/distribs/nosyslogd.dist /fuego-ro/conf/boards/docker.board \
        --testplan /fuego-core/engine/overlays/testplans/testplan_default.json \
        --output /fuego-rw/work/
      ++ '[' '!' -z ']'
      ++ python /fuego-core/engine/scripts/ \
        --classdir /fuego-core/engine/overlays/base \
        --ovfiles /fuego-core/engine/overlays/distribs/nosyslogd.dist /fuego-ro/conf/boards/docker.board \
        --testplan /fuego-core/engine/overlays/testplans/testplan_default.json \
        --output /fuego-rw/work/
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/fuego-core/engine/scripts/", line 611, in <module>
        File "/fuego-core/engine/scripts/", line 603, in run
          generateProlog(output, ofcls, classes, testPlans)
        File "/fuego-core/engine/scripts/", line 412, in generateProlog
          parseGenTestPlan(tpf, outfile, outFilePath)
        File "/fuego-core/engine/scripts/", line 497, in parseGenTestPlan
          raise SpecException("Cannot find test %s in spec list" % (testName))
      __main__.SpecException: u'Cannot find test Benchmark.bfoo in spec list'
      ++ abort_job 'Error while file generation'
      ++ set +x

Functional.fuego_board_check [edit section]

  • + create Functional.fuego_board_check
    • create job in jenkins
      • fuego-create-jobs --board bbb-poky-sdk -c Functional.fuego_board_check
        • failed due to missing testplan_default
          • add to testplan_default or
          • modify fuego-create-jobs to ignore that test is missing from testplan_default
      • + create job file manually (for now)
    • detect required fuego programs and target features
      • permissions to access /proc
      • permissions to home directory
      • shell features

  • (1) figure out why deploy fails for Functional.fuego_board_check
    • use set -x

things that should work, when done [edit section]

  • ftc list-tests - OK
  • ftc list-targets - (stuff moved) OK
    • (done) change to use get_fuego_targets
    • (done) add ftc list-nodes
  • ftc query-target - OK
  • ftc set
    • requires putting dynamic variables in a separate file
      • fuego-rw/boards/
      • source it at runtime (. /fuego-rw/boards/
  • ftc delete
  • ftc package-test
  • ftc run-test (without using jenkins node)
  • ftc list-runs
  • ftc package-run

features [edit section]

  • flot chart is working
  • plot.png (matplotlib?) is working (OK)

done [edit section]

  • + modify ftc list-tests to scan board directory instead of jenkins jobs
  • + create Functional.fuego_board_check
    • + memory
    • + storage
    • + configs (procfs)
    • + proc entries
    • + logger status
      • + recommended DISTRIB (base, nologread, nosyslog)
    • + programs
      • + logread, bc, cat, etc.
    • +transport
      • + time for transfers

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