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Test tasks

This is a list of tasks you might perform with Fuego, and with information about how to do them. The main purpose of this page is to compare the original Jenkins integration with the new integration proposed by Daniel in Jan 2017.

Administering the system [edit section]

  • install the system
    • git clone..., install.sh, docker_create_container.sh, docker_start_container.sh
  • add a board
    • write board file, select distro, add node in Jenkins
  • add a test
    • write test script, write spec, write plan, write parser.py, download tarfile, add job in Jenkins
  • add a toolchain
    • install toolchain in container,
  • add a user
    • use Jenkins interface
  • install a test
    • (no current method for a new test)
  • modify a board
    • edit Jenkins target node and/or edit board file
    • or, use 'ftc set' command
  • modify a test
    • edit test materials, write patches, edit specs, edit job in Jenkins
  • modify a user
    • use Jenkins interface
  • delete a board
  • delete a test
  • create a test plan
  • create a test spec

Executing tests [edit section]

  • manually run a single test on a single board
    • Use jenkins interface, select test, select "Run test now", select board, select testplan, set options in Jenkins dialog, select 'run test'
    • or, find test name with ftc, find board name with ftc, do 'ftc run <board> <test> <options>
  • configure a trigger to automatically run a single test on a single board
    • use Jenkins to create a new job which triggers the job
  • run multiple tests on a single board
  • run a single test on multiple boards
  • run a test from the Jenkins interface
  • run a test from the command line

Viewing results [edit section]

  • see summary of results from last few tests run on all boards
    • look at History tab in Jenkins
    • or, select "Test Run History" in left-side menu
  • see summary of results for a single board
    • click on target node, and view "Tests executed on target"
    • click on target status, then target node, then view "Tests executed on target"
  • see summary of results for a single test
    • click on test, and look at left-side pane ("Test run history")

Collaborating [edit section]

  • access shared tests
  • access shared board configurations
  • access shared test results
  • share a test
  • share a board configuration
  • share test results

division of labor [edit section]

This section describes what parts of the system are in charge of or are related to varies aspects of the tasks described above:
  • Jenkins - provides user interface
  • Jenkins - provides for test triggers
  • script system (specs) - provides for variations on a single test
  • script system (plans) - provides for selection of multiple parameters for a test???
  • script system (overlays) - allows for inheritance of board and distro variables and functions
  • batch system
  • report generation system
  • plotting

Notes [edit section]

  • ftc does not currently support scheduling of jobs. It just executes the test on the target immediately.

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