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Test Functional.expat

This test conducts a test of XML processing performed by the libexpat.so library. Specifically, it runs the xmlts (XML Test Suite) to test the library.

You can find information about crashme here: http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/1/crashme/

crashme creates some random data, and tries to execute it to see if the system or environment will crash.

Details [edit section]

This test unpacks a tarball called: expat-2.0.0.tar.gz and applies a patch xmltest.sh.patch, which adds pass/fail strings to the test results.

The build phase also untars and build the xml test suite (from xmlts20080827.tar.gz)

For the deploy phase, the test suite is tarred up, put on the target, and extracted there. Also the file xmlwf is put on the target.

For the actual test, a program called 'runtestspp is run, as well a program called xmltest.sh.

The test_processing phase checks for EXPAT_SUBTEST_COUNT_POS and EXPAT_SUBTEST_COUNT_NEG. The positive test looks for the string "100%: Checks: 48|passed". (This is a bit of a weird string to check for multiple times.)

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