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Test Functional.arch timer

This test appears to check that a target has an interrupt named "arch_timer", and that it is running (/proc/interrupts increments over a 5-second period), and is assigned IRQ number 27.

This looks like something very specific to a Renesas lager board.

Details [edit section]

This test unpacks a tarball called: dung-3.4.25-m2.tar.gz It runs the following scripts on target:

  • arch_timer-interrupt-lager.s
  • dmesg-lager.sh
  • proc-interrupts-lager.sh

then checks that the log contains "Test passed" exactly $FUNCTIONAL_ARCH_TIMER_RES_LINES_COUNT times

This variable is not defined (would have been nice to test it earlier than in test_processing). I thought maybe the lager board file would have this, but it appears not to.

arch_timer-interrupt-lager.sh [edit section]

This script uses common/interrupt-count.sh to measure the number of occurrences of the arch_timer interrupt over a period of 5 seconds.

if the value is increasing, then it emits "Test passed"

dmesg-lager.sh [edit section]

This script uses common/dmesg.sh to search for the following string: "ARM arch timer >56 bits at 10000kHz" in the dmesg output

proc-interrupts-lager.sh [edit section]

This script uses common/proc-interrupts.sh to check for the arch_timer interrupt, and see if it matches 27.

If the value matches, then it emits "Test passed"

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