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Squad backend notes

Note: This is a feature of Fuego that is in prototype form. That is, this feature is currently under development, and may change as the code matures and is readied for production use. It is presented here now to allow for experimentation and feedback.

Introduction [edit section]

Normally, Fuego stores test results on the test host (where Fuego is installed). These results can be queried and perused (browsed, examined, have visualizations presented) using a command line tool and via the Jenkins web interface.

However, it is also possible to send test results to a different backend service for management and processing there.

This page documents the use of Fuego with the 'Squad' results management backend.

Here are some notes on using Fuego with Squad:

Commit d6634b2 is an early implementation of ftc support for putting run data to squad.

More debugging is needed and there are several FIXTHIS included, but it works.

Here are squad installation instructions for Ubuntu Xenial (16.04)

Squad installation [edit section]

Install squad server software [edit section]

  • Install squad server application (this is a Django application)

      host$ sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server
        [Note] this is required for squad to communicate with celery worker tasks
      host$ git clone https://github.com/Linaro/squad
      host$ cd squad/
      host$ mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3.5  mysquad
      (mysquad) host$ pip3 install -r requirements-dev.txt
      (mysquad) host$ ./manage.py test
      (mysquad) host$ ./manage.py migrate
      (mysquad) host$ ./manage.py createsuperuser
      (mysquad) host$ ./manage.py runserver

If that doesn't work, try the following:

      host$ mkvirtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3.5  pipsquad
      (pipsquad) host$ ./manage.py migrate
      (pipsquad) host$ ./manage.py createsuperuser
      (pipsquad) host$ ./manage.py runserver

And if that doesn't work, you can install it on your host by following the instructions at: https://squad.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quickstart.html

To stop the server, type ctrl-C in the terminal where squad is running:

  • (pipsquad) host$ ctrl-C

To exit the virtual environment:

     * (pipsquad) host$ deactivate
     * host$

Starting squad after initial installation [edit section]

[Note] The next time you use Squad, do this:

      host$ cd squad
      host$ workon squad
      host$ ./manage.py runserver

Configuring Squad [edit section]

  • Configure a team and project in Squad
    • host$ firefox http://localhost:8000/
      • click upper-right popup menu > settings
        • profile: write your name
        • API token: copy the token - -> assign it to "server_squad_token" in fuego-ro/fuego.conf
      • click upper-right popup menu > Administration
        • Under: "Authentication and authorization" - Add group (this is a user group!)
          • name: myusergroup
          • permissons: Under the Available permissions box, select "choose all"
          • click "Save"
        • Under: "Core"
          • Add group (this is a team)
            • slug=fuego
            • name=fuego - -> assign this name ('fuego') to "server_squad_team" in fuego-ro/fuego.conf
            • description: whatever
            • usergroups: myusergroup
          • Add project
            • group: fuego
            • slug=jessie
            • name=jessie
              • -> assign this name ('jessie') to "server_squad_project" in fuego-ro/fuego.conf

Fuego squad configuration [edit section]

  • Edit fuego-ro/conf/fuego.conf to add squad attributes:
    • server_type=squad
    • server_domain=localhost:8000
    • server_squad_token=<token generated above>
    • server_squad_team=fuego
    • server_squad_project=jessie

Putting runs from Fuego into Squad [edit section]

  • To upload a run from Fuego

      fuego-docker# ftc list-runs -q
      fuego-docker# ftc put-run Benchmark.IOzone-default-1-bbb
        Packaging run 'Benchmark.IOzone-default-1-bbb'
        Run packaged successfully, and is at: /tmp/run-Benchmark.IOzone-default-1-on-fuegohost:bbb.frp
        WARNING: not adding attachment syslog.after
        WARNING: not adding attachment test_spec
        POSTING to http://localhost:8000/api/submit/fuego/jessie/a80be74d1629bdb2455b08db453beba0-4.9.133/bbb-4.9
        Run package run-Benchmark.IOzone-default-1-on-fuegohost:bbb.frp was accepted by the server.

Issues [edit section]

  • see FIXTHIS issues in ftc:
    • $ grep FIXTHIS fuego-core/scripts/ftc | grep squad

Here is the FIXTHIS list for Fuego v1.5:

[FIXTHIS] squad: add a command line argument to override project_id (we don't have this concept in fuego)
[FIXTHIS] squad: add a squad-compatible build_id
[FIXTHIS] squad: add a command line argument to override build_id (we don't have this concept in fuego)
[FIXTHIS] squad: add a squad-compatible env_id
[FIXTHIS] squad: add a command line argument to override env_id
FIXTHIS - squad: drop colon and plus replacements in squad timestamp

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