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Running ftc outside the container

This page describes how to use ftc outside the docker container.

The 'ftc' command (the main Fuego command line tool), can be run inside the docker container or outside of it. Normally, when the command is run outside the container, it just re-invokes the same command inside the container. This is a convenience feature to allow operations to be executed without having to start a new interactive shell inside the Fuego docker container.

However, starting with the 1.3 release, it is now possible to perform some operation with ftc completely outside the container. Some commands run faster outside the container than they do inside the container.

In order to avoid ftc re-invoking itself inside the docker container, use the '-x' command line option. Normally this must be used in conjunction with a '-c' option to specify the location of the fuego.conf file. (Otherwise, ftc looks for fuego.conf at /fuego-ro/conf/fuego.conf, which is usually only valid inside the docker container).

Here are some examples:

  • $ ftc -x -c ~/mydir/fuego/fuego-ro/conf/fuego.conf list-runs
  • $ ftc -x -c ~/mydir/fuego/fuego-ro/conf/fuego.conf gen-report

Commands that can be run outside the container [edit section]

Here is a list of ftc commands that can be run outside the container:
  • config, delete-var, query-board, set-var, gen-report, help, install-test
  • list-boards, list-plans, list-requests, list-runs, list-specs, list-tests
  • package-test, put-test, version, wait-for

Commands that currently can not be run outside the container [edit section]

  • add-jobs, add-nodes, add-view, build-jobs, list-jobs, list-nodes
  • package-run, put-run,
  • put-request (it has an option parsing bug when used with -x and -c)
  • rm-jobs, rm-nodes, run-request, run-test

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