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Release 1.6 Notes

These are the Release Notes for the Fuego 1.6 release.

Major changes [edit section]

The major changes to Fuego in this release are as follows:
  • suppport for default_board
  • add support for short test names
  • added support for "match_board" option in chart_config

Details [edit section]

default_board [edit section]

The fuego.conf file supports a new option, called 'default_board'. If this configuration option is set, then when 'ftc' is used without specifying a board, the value for default_board is used instead.

This can be used to execute tests on a particular, designated board with less typing. For example:

if fuego.conf has the line:


they you can type:

    $ ftc run-test -t hello_world

Instead of the more verbose

    $ ftc run-test -b local -t hello_world

This can be useful if you only have a single board in your lab, or you are installing and using Fuego natively (for local access).

Note that you can achieve the same by defining the FUEGO_BOARD environment variable to "local", but specifying a default_board in the config file is a bit easier. If a default board is specified using the FUEGO_BOARD environment variable, that takes precedence over the value specified in the fuego.conf file.

short test names [edit section]

ftc has been modified to allow the use of short test names. Instead of having to type "Functional.LTP" as the test name, you can now omit the "Functional" or "Benchmark" prefix, and just use "LTP". This will work as long as the test name short name is unambiguous. If the same test name is available as both a Benchmark and Functional test (like netperf), then you have to use the full test name.

Note that the bash completion was updated to support short test names. You can type 'ftc run-test -b board1 -t hello<tab>', and the shell will complete the short test name for you (to 'hello_world').

match_board chart_config option [edit section]

A user can now specify that the results displayed on a Jenkins job page for a job are restricted to just the results for the board associated with the job.

By default, Fuego has Jenkins show the test results for all of the boards that a test has run on. By setting "match_board" to "true" in the chart_config.json file for a test, only the results that match the board for the job will be displayed.

For example, for the test Functional.hello_world, if you have jobs for the boards 'bbb', 'rp4', and 'ren1', then you would have the following jobs defined in Jenkins:

  • bbb.default.Functional.hello_world
  • rp4.default.Functional.hello_world
  • ren1.default.Functional.hello_world

The test results for all of these boards would be shown on the job page for all of these jobs. However, by adding this line to the chart_config.json file for Functional.hello_world (in the section "chart_config")

      "match_board": "true"

then on the bbb.default.Functional.hello_world job page, only the test results for the 'bbb' board will be shown.

Change details [edit section]

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