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Release 1.3 testing - 2018-03-26

Here are some notes on testing the 1.3 release:

flat problem list [edit section]

Resolution key:
  • FIXED - problem fixed with change in Fuego
  • TRANSIENT - problem went away with subsequent test and no change in Fuego
  • LAB ERROR - problem was with setup, config, or board status, issue can be ignored

Bugs seen:

Test failures [edit section]

  • bbb.default.Benchmark.bonnie - doesn't compile with new debian compilers
  • ren1.default.Functional.LTP - keyctrl02-05, fanotify07(x8), fanotiy08 persist for a long time (several minutes)
    • fanotify07 x17 threads, and fanotify08 left over after test
      • /home/fuego/fuego.Functional.LTP/result/syscalls/result.log says they finished
      • dur=350 (indicates a timeout?)
      • kill -9 has no effect
      • all in mode D (uninterruptible sleep)
    • keyctl02, 03, 04, 05, 05, 06, 07, 08
      • dur=350 (indicates an ltp-pan timeout?)
      • all left processes that could not be killed
    • request_key01, 02, 03 - left processes that are not killed
    • cvs-2017-6951 - left process
  • bbb.default.Benchmark.lmbench - is taking a long time (after message about mailing list)

General [edit section]

  • Jenkins doesn't show descriptions for any jobs
  • Jenkins show 3 issues in an alert box in the top bar
    • plugin load failures
    • data in wrong format
    • newer jenkins version available

here are dependency errors loading some plugins:

1) Plugin load failures

  • Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin v2.2
    • You must update Jenkins from v2.32.1 to v2.60.1 or later to run this plugin.
  • Matrix Project Plugin v1.12
    • JUnit Plugin v1.20 failed to load. Fix this plugin first.
  • Pipeline: API v2.26
    • You must update Jenkins from v2.32.1 to v2.60.3 or later to run this plugin.
  • JUnit Plugin v1.24
    • Pipeline: API v2.22 failed to load. Fix this plugin first.

2) You have data stored in an older format and/or unreadable data.

3) New version of Jenkins (2.113) is available for download (changelog).

table of current test status [edit section]

If a test is not listed here, it passes on all 4 platforms (bbb, ren1, min1, docker)

test  ^ bbb  ^ ren1  ^ min1  ^ docker  ^ notes  ^ disposition  ^
Benchmark.blobsallad missing SDL.h missing SDL.h can't open display :0 missing xrandr . ?
Benchmark.dbench ok ok ok problem with hd_test_mount_prepare (spec=default), with spec=testdir, it's OK . ?
Benchmark.Dhrystone ok measured time too small (spec=default) ok measure time too small (spec=default) . ?
Benchmark.ffsb ok ok ok ok . ?
Benchmark.GLmark missing SDL.h missing SDL.h struct member is private in vector.h . Should provide instructions for adding libsdl to yocto build, or build it ourselves?? - actually, maybe should switch to newer glmark2, which tests OpenGL performance ?
Benchmark.gtkperf configure error checking gtk+ gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders: command not found configure dies checking gtk+ . . ?
Benchmark.Interbench test hangs on target ok ok . demonstrates a real bug with bbb ?
Benchmark.iperf ok ok ok . . ?
Benchmark.lmbench2 ok ok ok error . ?
Benchmark.netperf ok ok ok . . ?
Benchmark.netpipe ok ok ok . . ?
Benchmark.reboot ok . run error can't cd to /tmp test dir not applicable . ?
Benchmark.signaltest ok ok ok ok docker needs root permissions ?
Benchmark.Stream ok ok ok . . ?
Benchmark.tiobench ok crc32 build eror ok . . ?
Benchmark.x11perf configure error - xmuu not found configure error - xmuu not found can't open display ':0' . . ?
Functional.aiostress missing libaio.o on target missing libaio.h missing on target . . ?
Functional.crashme ok expected 3000, got 507 ok . . ?
Functional.expat ok ok ok ok . ?
Functional.ft2demos missing libXau and libXmcdp missing ok . . ?
Functional.glib processor does not support Thumb mode program returns 143 exit code program returns 143 exit code . . (high priority)
Functional.kernel_build for scripts/mod/empty - unrecognized command line options to gcc unrecognized command line options to gcc ok . . needs review
Functional.LTP ok ok ok . default timeout is 40m (too short for some boards, when build is included) ?
Functional.LTP . criteria failure . creat05, fork09 problems (high-CPU zombie, even after manual kill) (with lengthened timeout, spec=default) ?
Functional.netperf ok ok ok . . ?
Functional.OpenSSL ok invalid option to make timeout . default timeout is 6m (too short) ?
Functional.rmaptest ok ok ok . . ?
Functional.scrashme ok NR_SYSCALLS undeclared ok . . ?

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