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Release 1.2 testing - 2017-08-24

Here is some information about testing started on August 24, 2017 for the 1.2 release:

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Tests conducted [edit section]

  • min1.testplan_ltsi
      Benchmark.Dhrystone         2017-08-24_18:09:14    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.IOzone            2017-08-24_19:20:19    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.Java              2017-08-24_18:10:37    timdesk:min1                   UNFINISHED
      Benchmark.Whetstone         2017-08-24_18:07:07    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.bonnie            2017-08-24_19:20:50    timdesk:min1                   UNFINISHED
      Benchmark.dbench            2017-08-24_19:21:09    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.ffsb              2017-08-24_18:07:59    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.fio               2017-08-24_18:10:49    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.hackbench         2017-08-24_18:07:39    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.linpack           2017-08-24_18:16:56    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.netperf           2017-08-24_18:31:37    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Benchmark.tiobench          2017-08-24_18:05:06    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.LTP              2017-08-24_18:32:37    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.aiostress        2017-08-24_18:17:35    timdesk:min1                   UNFINISHED
      Functional.bc               2017-08-24_18:10:14    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.bc               2017-08-24_18:17:54    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.bzip2            2017-08-24_18:18:16    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.crashme          2017-08-24_18:05:52    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.expat            2017-08-24_18:18:35    timdesk:min1                   UNFINISHED
      Functional.ft2demos         2017-08-24_18:19:05    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.glib             2017-08-24_18:20:11    timdesk:min1                   UNFINISHED
      Functional.hello_world      2017-08-24_18:14:26    timdesk:bbb                    PASS
      Functional.hello_world      2017-08-24_18:04:41    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.hello_world      2017-08-24_18:06:49    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.ipv6connect      2017-08-24_18:08:53    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.jpeg             2017-08-24_18:06:22    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.kernel_build     2017-08-24_18:22:57    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.linus_stress     2017-08-24_18:27:33    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.netperf          2017-08-24_19:18:06    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.rmaptest         2017-08-24_18:28:33    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.stress           2017-08-24_18:29:05    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.synctest         2017-08-24_18:30:31    timdesk:min1                   PASS
      Functional.zlib             2017-08-24_18:31:15    timdesk:min1                   PASS

Issues found [edit section]

  • testplan_ltsi
    • uses noroot spec for bonnie - is probably wrong
  • tests
    • min1.default.Benchmark.Java - aborted
      • error message in console log is not human friendly
        • error is an abort from assert_define, from
        • this is not using need_check
      • error is not put into run.json file
    • min1.default.Functional.aiostress - failed
      • test execution error
      • error loading shared libraries:
    • min1.default.Functional.expat - failed
      • build failure
      • directory (empty) was left on target
      • Warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]
      • youtube says this can be fixed with a line like this:
        • #pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wwrite-strings"
    • min1.default.Functional.glib - failed
      • runtime error with glib test
      • execution of bash script returns exit code 143
      • FUEGO has a bug handling the return code:
        • TRB: RETURN_VALUE=
        •, line 19 invalid literal for int() with base 10:
          • value = "PASS" if int(RETURN_VAULE) == 0 else "FAIL"
        • result of "report" is not being handed to
    • min1.default.Functional.kernel_build - failed
      • uses 'report "cat build.log"', but the build.log is generated on the host, not the target. You can't 'report' that.
      • need to add build.log to target-side test log, if that's what's wanted
      • it's not using the right kernel config
    • min1.docker.Functional.LTP - takes a very long time (45 minutes)
      • build duration was 584 seconds (~10 minutes)
      • subtest fork13 takes 337 seconds (~5 minutes)
      • subtest getrandom02 takes 296 seconds (~4 minutes)
    • min1.noroot.Benchmark.bonnie failed
      • Fuego uses root account on min1
        • should make bonnie recognize situation and run correctly
    • min1.default.Functional.LTP
    • min1.selectionwithrt.Functional.LTP
      • run.json (4.4) does not have posix results
      • run.json (4.4) does not have realtime results
      • status of 'syscalls' testset is PASS, even though there are failures in individual testcases (e.g. sysctl01)
    • min1.default.Benchmark.IOZone
      • there's no run.json link in the Jenkins interface
      • there are lots of HTML tables with SKIP in the measure area (not just the status area)
      • The test doesn't actually perform anything but:
        • 2048_Kb_Read_Write.ReWrite
        • 2048_Kb_Read_Write.Write
      • that's odd, are the parameters to iozone correct for the default spec?

  • Jenkins interface
    • results on Jenkins job page:
      • HTML table
        • test_plan is always "none"
        • start_time is in seconds since the epoch (not human friendly)
        • duration is in milliseconds (not human-friendly)
        • measures are reported as PASS instead of valid value
          • see Dhrystone Score, or linpack.linpack
          • ftc gen-report gets this right
        • Functional.LTP has too much data!!
      • plots for benchmarks
        • are completely missing
  • ftc
    • gen-report
      • columns are messy (columns don't auto-adjust to long field entries)
      • ftc gen-report --where test=.*LTP
        • tguid:status for syscalls are all None (grep fork13)
          • run.json has correct status (PASS)
  • general
    • failures are very difficult to diagnose
      • some tests (like LTP) hid the test output
      • interpreting the console log is very difficult

issues table [edit section]

Test problem notes
Benchmark.Java abort not recorded should put abort message in run.json file
Functional.aiostress missing is a toolchain/target mismatch
Functional.expat build error - warning about const char conversion Looks like maybe a warning that turned into an error?
Functional.glib runtime error - gtester returns failure, and not the expected output .
Functional.kernel_build error in - build.log is not on the target Need to change build.log
Functional.LTP slow, result are too big for Jenkins page .
Functional.LTP run.json test_set status is wrong Should be fail, with missing criteria.json file
Functional.LTP run.json missing posix results .
Functional.LTP run.json missing realtime results .
Functional.LTP gen-report shows wrong values for tguids (None instead of PASS/FAIL) .
Benchmark.bonnie noroot spec didn't work switched to default spec, should handle root or not in test
Benchmark.Dhrystone Dhrystone.Score has PASS in Jenkins HTML table .
Benchmark.IOzone only has values for 2 measures .

Functional.glib problem details [edit section]

  • on min1 and docker, gtester returns with exit code 142, which causes Fuego to freak out
    • test_run calls "report"
      • it returns 143, which is an error
      • the signal handler is called
    • test_processing is empty (normally it should have a log_compare)
      • the log_compares in this test don't match the test output
      • has this test every worked???
    • post_test calls:
      • processing, which calls
        • test_processing(), which just returns 'true'
      • then it calls or
        • if there were no errors, then RETURN_VALUE is undefined
  • on bbb, the build fails, trying to compile gatomic.c
    • The assembler says:
      • Error: selected processor does not support Thumb mode 'swp r3,r5,[r4]'

Functional.LTP problem details [edit section]

run.json: no posix results [edit section]

fuego-core/engine/tests/Functional.LTP/ does not even parse posix test results.

Should look at JTA or Fuego 1.0 and see what Functional.LTP-posix did. Maybe just logcompare?

run.json: no realtime results in file [edit section]

run.json: incorrect status for test_set and test_suite [edit section]

run.json has overall status of PASS and test_set syscalls has status of PASS, when some testcases under syscalls failed (and there's no criteria.json file - the default should be max_fail=0)

Output from min1.selectionwithrt.Functional.LTP consolelog.txt:

Need to not show parsed_results - it's too big with LTP.

Warning: missing or faulty criteria.json file, looking for reference.log
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'syscalls'}
    ^^^^^ this should result in FAIL ^^^^^
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'mm'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'timers'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'fs'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'pty'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'pipes'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'sched'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'dio'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'ipc'}
Applying criterion {'max_fail': 0, 'tguid': 'Functional.LTP'}
Writing run data to /fuego-rw/logs/Functional.LTP/min1.selectionwithrt.4.4/run.json
reference.json not available

Things to check for [edit section]

  • failures are easy to diagnose - no, it requires a ton of Fuego knowledge
  • I can skip LTP tests that cause problems
  • I can save results to establish new baseline for benchmark thresholds
    • save as criteria file?

Ideas for fixes [edit section]

  • Benchmark.Java should put abort message into run.json file
  • for ftc gen-report column sloppiness:
    • do two passes over data to get field lengths for column widths
    • need to collect all data first, and run over it twice
  • Benchmark.bonnie should autodetect if running as root, and use correct arguments to bonnie++ program
  • should add "duration_hint" to spec.json file, so each spec can specify a hint
    • idea is that this number could be multiplied by a board variable (timeout_factor?) to yield an approximate timeout for the test with this spec. The number in the testplan would override this guess, but this would be better than nothing.

issues fixed [edit section]

  • ftc list-runs does not process '!=' where operator
  • ftc list-runs help does not document '!=' where operator
  • ftc gen-report help does not document '!=' where operator
  • pass smaller number to fork13 command line for LTP time reduction

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