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Release 1.0 Notes

1.0 release [edit section]

git log fuego [edit section]

e41dea4 README: fix columns in README
7fbef4b reboot has only a time plot at the moment
6e88fdd proxy: add support for environments behind a proxy
f9f8139 Dockerfile: whitespace cleanups
04fb120 Add script for creating a container that can talk through USB
2209f9b Add .gitignore files to ignore generated files
39c0601 nologger: change to nologread

git log fuego-core [edit section]

df134e0 reboot: fix the reboot test
00b129b logger: remove dependency on logging mechanism
46e054e nosyslogd.dist: support targets without syslogd
f679cca dist: rename nologger.dist to nologread.dist
39c8ecc gitignore: add a gitignore file
0fd8885 FUEGO_'HOME: create automatically if not provided
876e6f9 bzip2: add support for busybox version of bzip2

changelog list [edit section]

  • Add support for building docker container behind a proxy
  • Add support for creating a container that can see USB changes
  • Change reboot test to only report time
  • Fix some other issues with the reboot test
  • Change name of logread function and distribution overlay file
    • WARNING: this has potential to break the Jenkins configuration for targets that referenced nologread.dist
      • DISTRIB environment variable should be changed from distribs/nologger.dist to distribs/nologread.dist
  • Add .gitignore files to make repository management easier
  • Add code to create the FUEGO_HOME directory if not already present
  • Change bzip2 test to support busybox version of bzip2

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