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Projects in flight

Here is a list of things different individuals and groups are working on.

January, 2017 [edit section]

Sony [edit section]

  • Tim Bird
    • test dependencies (NEED_XXX)
    • spec and testplan refactoring
      • move specs to test dir
      • allow for missing testplan_default and spec 'default'

Toshiba [edit section]

AGL-CIAT (Linux Foundation) [edit section]

  • Jan-Simon Möller
    • LAVA integration

December, 2016 [edit section]

Multiple people [edit section]

October, 2016 [edit section]

Toshiba [edit section]

  • Daniel Sangorrin
    • LTP improvements
  • Toshiko Yoshida
    • Jenkins upgrade

Fujitsu [edit section]

    • lots of features I didn't catch
    • better presentation of results
    • need to look at jamboree 58-1 presentation

Mitsubishi [edit section]

  • upstream kernel continuous integration, using Jenkins features
    • getting trigger on upstream repository change
    • downloading kernel
    • building kernel
    • deploying with tftp and nfs rootfs
    • running test
    • reporting results

Renesas [edit section]

  • results aggregation

Sony [edit section]

  • support for ttc
  • ftc
  • refinements of existing technology
  • test packaging
  • catching up on patches

BMW [edit section]

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