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New test ideas

This page is a dumping ground for ideas for new tests that could be added to Fuego.

Try to keep the tests in categories as shown below.

general system sanity [edit section]

Here are some tests that are good for general system sanity:

  • interrupts are working (at correct or expected rate)
  • modules that were expected are loaded correctly
  • file systems were mounted with correct permissions and attributes
  • busybox or toybox has all needed sub-commands
  • shell has needed features (should be part of posix test, but I suspect it's not)
  • kselftest - for kernel features
  • libraries that were expected are present

AGL tests [edit section]

busybox presence test [edit section]


service availability test [edit section]

Security tests [edit section]

memory [edit section]

mmtests by Mel Gorman

filesystem [edit section]

xfstests [edit section]

xfstests seems to be the new standard for measuring Linux file system performance. We should include this test in fuego.

See the following for more information:

block layer performance measurement [edit section]

Possibly something simple like 'time dd ...' is useful for catching some things (and it's short).

Here is a post from Linus Walleij about using a simple dd to measure block layer performance. He found a regression of performance using the MQ block layer scheduler, using this.

I got blk-mq running for MMC/SD today and I see a gross performance
regression, from 37 MB/s to 27 MB/s on Ux500 7.38 GB eMMC
with a simple dd test:

BEFORE switching to MQ:

time dd if=/dev/mmcblk3 of=/dev/null bs=1M count=1024
1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 27.530335 seconds, 37.2MB/s
real    0m 27.54s
user    0m 0.02s
sys     0m 7.56s

AFTER switching to MQ:

time dd if=/dev/mmcblk3 of=/dev/null bs=1M count=1024
1073741824 bytes (1.0GB) copied, 37.170990 seconds, 27.5MB/s
real    0m 37.18s
user    0m 0.02s
sys     0m 7.32s

I will however post my hacky patch as a RFD to the blockdevs and
the block maintainers, along with the numbers and a speculation
about what may be causing it. asynchronous requests (request
pipelining) is one thing, another thing is front/back merge in
the block layer I guess.

Bus testing [edit section]

CAN bus testing [edit section]

From agl-discussions list Dec 13:

I'm interested your benchmark amb can data.

I want to test amb d-bus can data benchmark, So can you share your used "can data" and "amd configuration" ?

This test apparently has a CAN packet injector, written by Cogent.

year 2038 test [edit section]

Arnd Bergmann is a leading kernel expert on this topic. He gave a talk at Linaro Connect 2017 in Budapest. See his session at: and an report on it here:

There's a page with some very small test snippets at:

stress tests [edit section]

Should probably add stressng

kernel tests [edit section]

kselftest [edit section]

kernelci [edit section]

  • build test
  • boot test

device driver tests [edit section]

Texax Instruments has a project (under LTP?) called the "Device Driver Tests" aka DDT.


all 0day tests [edit section]

Figure out a way to run all existing 0day tests.

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