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Here is a list of Fuego meetings we've held:

It would be good to combine the meeting notes in a single page, like AGL-CIAT does.

For AGL-CIAT meetings, see

Meetings [edit section]

2017-04-25 [edit section]

The next meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2017 (at 5:00 am PDT)

2017-03-21 [edit section]

Conference call with AGL-CIAT group

Here was my pre-meeting agenda: This was a conference call held with the AGL-CIAT group, on March 21, 2017

See the AGL-CIAT meeting page (section)

goals for meeting [edit section]

Tim would like to discuss:
  • status of toshiba/sony merge
    • resolving technical issues with Tim's 'next' branch (based on Daniel's 'next' branch)
      • log paths - have consolidates logs for a test
        • Jenkins BUILD_ID changed from timestamp to build number
      • post_test - need processes to pkill
        • this is a cleanup operation, and should be in the base script
        • need test_cleanup
          • for most tests this could be empty
          • some tests might call a new function: kill_procs
            • it calls ov_rootfs_pkill underneath
  • priority list for AGL, to start that merge
    • LAVA integration
    • is 'uniform test output' a high-priority feature?
  • planning for an official fuego release
    • 1.1.0 release, code name: blaze (or brimestone?)

technical issues [edit section]

  • TESTNAME (base script name) is derived from the test name (<prefix>.testname)
    • I propose changing this to, so they're all the same
    • any objections - pros?/cons?
      • pro - can eliminate TESTNAME, and remove from test.yaml file also
      • pro - less chance of conflict with a script by that name in the test itself
      • pro - can grep base scripts more easily (all names the same, and no conflicts with other names)
      • con - can't identify test from it's own name. It's dependent on the test directory to disambiguate it from other tests' base scripts.
      • con - can't use base-script (arg0?) to find test directory. I'm not sure if this is needed
  • use of spec name in job name, instead of plan name
    • this allows creating jobs by spec instead of plan
    • this supports multiple specs for the same test, in a single plan
  • add node and job scripts to ftc
    • eliminate fuego-ro/scripts
  • move /fuego-ro/conf/boards to /fuego-ro/boards
  • automatically create a view for each board
    • using regex of: "<board_name>.*"
  • put log links (and others) in description even if job fails
    • don't require buildsetter plugin
    • automatically detect log, plot and xlsx files
      • support partial results
        • lots of times there is a test log there, even if the build failed
    • try to eliminate need for extralinks in testplan file
  • eliminate need for timeout in testplan file
    • do a better job of automatically calculating timeouts
    • this is dependent on test, spec, board and other parameters, not the plan

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