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Jenkins plugins in 'raw' format

Here is some information collected about Jenkins plugins used by Fuego.

= Plugin list for Jenkins 2.32.1 (Fuego version 1.2) =
||Plugin                    ||Description                          ||version||
||ant                       ||Ant Plugin                           ||1.7||
||antisamy-markup-formatter ||OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin        ||1.5||
||bouncycastle-api          ||bouncycastle API Plugin              ||2.16.2||
||description-setter        ||description setter plugin            ||1.10||
||display-url-api           ||Display URL API                      ||2.1.0||
||external-monitor-job      ||External Monitor Job Type Plugin     ||1.7||
||flot                      ||Flot plotter Plugin                  ||1.0-SNAPSHOT (private-07/21/2017 10:45-dsl)||
||greenballs                ||Green Balls                          ||1.15||
||icon-shim                 ||Icon Shim Plugin                     ||2.0.3||
||javadoc                   ||Javadoc Plugin                       ||1.4||
||junit                     ||JUnit Plugin                         ||1.21||
||ldap                      ||LDAP Plugin                          ||1.17||
||mailer                    ||Mailer Plugin                        ||1.20||
||matrix-auth               ||Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin ||1.7||
||matrix-project            ||Matrix Project Plugin                ||1.12||
||pam-auth                  ||PAM Authentication plugin            ||1.3||
||pegdown-formatter         ||PegDown Formatter Plugin             ||1.3||
||script-security           ||Script Security Plugin               ||1.34||
||structs                   ||Structs Plugin                       ||1.10||
||windows-slaves            ||Windows Slaves Plugin                ||1.3.1||

Note that 'greenballs' was added by my release test script (it is not there by default).

= Plugin list for Jenkins 1.509.2 (Fuego version 1.0) =
Fuego version 1.0

Here is a list of the Jenkins plugins included in Fuego as of August 2016.

Note that this was for Jenkins version 1.509.2

This list was retrieved with "jcmd list-plugins", and then reformatted for this wiki.

||Plugin                      ||Description                                ||version||
||ant                         ||ant                                        ||1.1 (1.3)||
||build-timeout               ||Jenkins build timeout plugin               ||1.11 (1.17.1)||
||compact-columns             ||Compact Columns                            ||1.6-SNAPSHOT (private-07/08/2011 04:21-konstantinbelov) (1.10)||
||config-file-provider        ||Config File Provider Plugin                ||2.6.1 (2.11)||
||credentials                 ||Credentials Plugin                         ||1.3.1 (2.1.4)||
||cvs                         ||Jenkins CVS Plug-in                        ||1.6 (2.12)||
||dashboard-view              ||Dashboard View                             ||2.1-SNAPSHOT (private-09/26/2011 16:35-konstantinbelov) (2.9.10)||
||description-setter          ||Jenkins description setter plugin          ||1.8 (1.10)||
||dynamicparameter            ||Jenkins Dynamic Parameter Plug-in          ||0.2.1-SNAPSHOT (private-10/17/2013 04:25-dcheremushkin)||
||envfile                     ||Jenkins Environment File Plugin            ||1.2-SNAPSHOT (private-06/07/2011 13:27-konstantinbelov) (1.2)||
||Exclusion                   ||Jenkins Exclusion Plug-in                  ||0.8 (0.12)||
||extended-choice-parameter   ||Extended Choice Parameter Plug-In          ||0.28 (0.74)||
||extensible-choice-parameter ||Extensible Choice Parameter plugin         ||1.2.1 (1.3.2)||
||external-monitor-job        ||External Monitor Job Type Plugin           ||1.1 (1.6)||
||ez-templates                ||ez-templates                               ||1.0-SNAPSHOT (private-08/29/2013 03:12-Dmitry) (1.2.0)||
||flot                        ||flot                                       ||1.0-SNAPSHOT (private-03/22/2016 17:17-dc)||
||git                         ||Jenkins GIT plugin                         ||1.5.0 (2.5.3)||
||git-client                  ||Jenkins GIT client plugin                  ||1.4.3 (1.19.7)||
||git-server                  ||Git server plugin                          ||1.2 (1.7)||
||groovyaxis                  ||groovyaxis                                 ||0.3||
||groovy-label-assignment     ||Groovy Label Assignment plugin             ||1.0.0 (1.2.0)||
||groovy-postbuild            ||Groovy Postbuild                           ||1.6-SNAPSHOT (private-12/13/2011 17:44-manul) (2.3.1)||
||greenballs                  ||Green Balls                                ||1.10 (1.15)||
||htmlpublisher               ||HTML Publisher plugin                      ||0.7-SNAPSHOT (private-04/27/2011 12:58-mranostay) (1.11)||
||javadoc                     ||javadoc                                    ||1.0 (1.4)||
||ldap                        ||LDAP Plugin                                ||1.1 (1.12)||
||locale                      ||Locale plugin                              ||1.2||
||log-parser                  ||Log Parser Plugin                          ||1.0.9-SNAPSHOT (private-04/27/2011 12:53-mranostay) (2.0)||
||mailer                      ||Jenkins Mailer Plugin                      ||1.4 (1.17)||
||maven-plugin                ||Maven Integration plugin                   ||1.509.2 (2.13)||
||page-markup                 ||Hudson Page Markup Plug-in                 ||0.3||
||pam-auth                    ||pam-auth                                   ||1.0 (1.3)||
||parameterized-trigger       ||Jenkins Parameterized Trigger plugin       ||2.9-SNAPSHOT (private-04/27/2011 13:01-mranostay) (2.32)||
||plots                       ||Fuego Benchmark show plot plugin.          ||0.2-SNAPSHOT (private-07/26/2011 18:58-konstantinbelov)||
||postbuild-task              ||Hudson Post build task                     ||1.8||
||postbuildscript             ||Jenkins Post-Build Script Plug-in          ||0.16 (0.17)||
||PrioritySorter              ||Priority Sorter                            ||1.2 (3.4)||
||project-inheritance         ||inheritance-plugin                         ||1.4.10 (1.5.3)||
||python                      ||Python Plugin                              ||1.1 (1.3)||
||rebuild                     ||Rebuilder                                  ||1.9 (1.25)||
||sidebar-link                ||Sidebar Link                               ||1.6 (1.7)||
||scriptler                   ||Scriptler                                  ||2.6.1 (2.9)||
||ssh-credentials             ||SSH Credentials Plugin                     ||0.2 (1.12)||
||ssh-slaves                  ||Jenkins SSH Slaves plugin                  ||0.25 (1.11)||
||ssh-agent                   ||SSH Agent Plugin                           ||1.4 (1.13)||
||subversion                  ||Jenkins Subversion Plug-in                 ||1.39 (2.6)||
||token-macro                 ||Token Macro Plugin                         ||1.8.1 (1.12.1)||
||translation                 ||Jenkins Translation Assistance plugin      ||1.10 (1.15)||
||throttle-concurrents        ||Jenkins Throttle Concurrent Builds Plug-in ||1.6 (1.9.0)||

= Notes on specific plugins =
The following plugins don't have upstream versions:
 * flot - for Flot charting on a job page (see below)
 * plots - this provides the old-style plot-per-test (using matplotlib to show a plot.png for a test

== flot ==
Does charts on the job page, using the Javascript flot charts package.
See [[flot]]

= Interesting plugins =
These plugins provide interesting features we might want to consider adding to Fuego by default:
 * [[|Build Failure Analyzer]] - This plugin analyzes the causes of failed builds and presents the causes on the build page. It does this by using a knowledge base of build failure causes that is built up from scratch.
Saving statistics about failure causes is also possible.
   * this would be good for catching errors that Fuego reports, about board status or test dependencies not being met
 * [[|Flaky Test Handler]] - rebuilds tests and checks if a subsequent execution works, and then labels tests as flaky

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