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Jenkins CLI

Here is information about Jenkins CLI.

You can operate Jenkins from the command line, using a Java program call jenkins-cli.

For information about this, see the page: http://localhost:8080/fuego/cli.

jcmd wrapper [edit section]

I downloaded jenkins-cli.jar, and put it in my $HOME/bin directory, and then made a wrapper command for it called 'jcmd'.

Here is the content of the wrapper program:


java -jar /home/tbird20d/bin/jenkins-cli.jar -s $@

Now, I can do: "jcmd help", "jcmd <command> <args>", etc.

Terminology map [edit section]

On the Jenkins cli, the following terms are used:
  • job = fuego test
  • build = test run
  • node = fuego target or board

Operations [edit section]

Get help for Jenkins CLI [edit section]

Get a list of Jenkins CLI commands:
$ jcmd help

Get usage help for the build command:

$ jcmd build help

Get a list of tests [edit section]

In Jenkins terminology, a fuego test is a "job". Get the list of available tests with:
$ jcmd list-jobs

Launch a single test [edit section]

You can use the 'build' command to launch an individual test. You must specify the target board, by specifying the value for "Device", to the test.

This example runs the test Functional.hello_world on the qemu-test-arm target, waits for it to complete, and displays the console log.

$ jcmd build Functional.hello_world -p Device=qemu-test-arm -s -v

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