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Jenkins is a continuous integration system with a lot of features and a rich plugin ecosystem. It is used as the default front end (user interface) for the Fuego test framework.

The Jenkins website is at:

How Jenkins is used by Fuego [edit section]

Jenkins is used to organize the tests provided by Fuego, and present the user interface for test selection, test execution, and information about test history, logs, etc.

Jenkins is also used to see the tests for a particular set of boards.

Jenkins also provides the triggers for the test system. That is, Jenkins initiates jobs, as configured by the user, for starting tests and collecting test results.

Miscelaneous notes [edit section]

  • Fuego logs (test log, devlog, syslog and parsed log - see Log files are not available through the Jenkins interface (as of Aug-2016). This seems like a big oversight. See Issue_0010

  • builds are marked by Jenkins as: successful, failed, stable, unstable.

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