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Issue 0062 in 'raw' format

; Summary: create coding-style guidelines, and enforce them
; Owner: Tim
; Reporter: Daniel, Tim
; Status: closed
; Priority: medium

= Description =
We need to have a document with coding-style guidelines, and enforce
it in the code in the repository.

This should be put in the documentation directory, and be available
to developers.

Tools should be written to check that new code going into Fuego
conforms to the style.

Here are some rules we could have:
 * shell script indentation = 4 spaces
 * python program indentation = 4 spaces

no tabs anywhere.

For python, we should validate all files with: flake8 and pylint.

= Notes =
Resolved with documentation (see [[Coding_style]]), and 

; backlink: [[Fuego Issues List]]

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