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Issue 0038

fix LTP sub-tests that cause problems (or allow them to be ignored)

Description [edit section]

For the docker board, kill10 and creat05 cause what appear to be hangs.

creat05 creates 1 million files, and then deletes them, which takes a very long time (over 20 minutes).

creat05, during it's cleanup inside a docker container is only able to delete 40,000 files per minute, on a volume-mounted drive. That seems like a real bug. This slow rate stays consistent even when the number of files is reduced (to less than 100,000 files in the directory). Maybe Linux or docker has an inode management problem.

I don't know what kill10 is doing, but it also appears to hang the machine.

fork09, run inside the docker container creates a process on the host that can not be destroyed. The host operates very sluggishly. Taking 4 seconds to exit a terminal window. The only way to recover normal operation is to reboot the machine.

Research a way for these tests to operate more quickly, or a way to check pre-conditions and avoid running the long versions of them (make a "quick" spec for LTP.

Notes [edit section]

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