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Issue 0034 in 'raw' format

; Summary: write a Fuego plugin for Jenkins
; Owner: Tim
; Reporter: Tim
; Status: open
; Priority: low

= Description =
There are some things it would be handy for Fuego to be able to do in
a customized way, in Jenkins.  One thing would be to pass the timestamp
back to Jenkins so it could set up the links to the logs better (and
also have Jenkins pass the Timestamp to Fuego.

It would be nice to have a Fuego-specific plugin to handle any miscellaneous
tasks like this, in the Jenkins engine.

= Notes =
This requires learning Java and the Jenkins plugin system.  But from what I've seen writing a plugin is not too hard (the hardest thing is getting a Java
development environment set up to do so.)

; backlink: [[Fuego Issues List]]

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