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Issue 0021

Jenkins sometimes fails to show the list of tests

Description [edit section]

Sometimes when I start the docker container for Fuego, it doesn't show all the tests in the Dashboard view.

On Oct 28, I did 'docker ps', and determined that no docker containers where running. Then I did fuego-host-scripts/

Everything appeared to start OK. When I looked at the list of Benchmark tests in the test dashboard, there was only one benchmark listed. Under the Functional tab, only 5 tests were listed.

I exited the container, and restarted the container, and now there were no tests listed under either the Functional or Benchmark tabs.

After fiddling around (see the notes below), things have appeared again. However, I don't know how to reproduce the problem.

Notes [edit section]

Things I've tried (or want to try):
  • reload the configuration using the web interface (no effect)
  • create a new container?
    • This worked, but I lost my test history
  • stop the docker daemon on the host (didn't try that alone yet)
  • restart with old container again, after starting a different container
    • this worked, and I have my test history back

I don't know how to reproduce the problem. I can't figure out what causes it.

Is this a problem with the main config.xml?

  • I don't think so. There are some modifications to /userdata/conf/config.xml, but nothing that would appear to affect the dashboard test view
    • what part of jenkins scans the test directory for tests?
    • the dashboard plugins uses a regex to print a list of tests that match the regex, by name, but where does the scanned list come from.
      • something must scan the directory (something in Jenkins core)
        • is there a debug log for Jenkins somewhere?

Try to find out what causes this. Ideas:

  • some alteration of the /userdata/conf/config.xml file?

How is the test list populated?

  • are the tests scanned?

--- We are using a much more recent version of Jenkins in Fuego 1.1. Also, we are not using very many plugins. Unless we see this issue again, let's close it under the assumption that it's no longer relevant.


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