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Issue 0013 in 'raw' format

; Summary: check for required test program (bc) on target in
; Owner: Tim
; Reporter: Tim
; Status: closed
; Priority: medium

= Description =
The program uses an already existing program (/usr/bin/bc) on
the target to perform its test.  The Functional.bc test is instructive
in this regard, as it has empty test_build and test_deploy functions.

However, this test may fail if 'bc' is not present on the target.
This test should, in test_run or test_deploy, look to verify that 'bc'
is present on the target, and gracefully abort the test with a 
useful error message.

= Notes =
One reason this is interesting is that this can be a precursor to a
general facility for finding test programs already on the target, which
was one of the main requests I've had for the system.

Added support for optional test_pre_check() in the base script, and 
function is_on_target() to  This allows for a test to
check that a particular file or program is on the target system.

See [[Issue_0009]]

; backlink: [[Fuego Issues List]]

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