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Issue 0009

Create a method to detect a test binary already on the target
AGL, Tim, Siemens

Description [edit section]

Create a method to search for a test binary already on the target, and use that instead of building the binary with Fuego.

Several people have mentioned that their test binaries are already installed on the target with their embedded distro, and they would prefer to use those instead of using the Fuego versions of the tools.

The mechanism needs to allow a test to specify the program name, as well as possible locations?

This could either be done prior to each test's build phase, and then skip the build phase automatically, or it could be done by a fuego "install" check, and have all the test program paths for a target recorded. This most primitive way would be to add a path for each test to the board file. But I much prefer autodetection.

Notes [edit section]

Should there be a global flag to indicate whether to use fuego-built test binaries or pre-built (distro-based) test binaries?

I hate to add more state to the system.

The function is_on_target fulfills most of the requirements for this issue.


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