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Fuego release 1.0.9-notes in 'raw' format

Here is a list of problems encountered during the 1.0.9 release testing:
= Problems =
== general ==
 * /fuego-core/engine/scripts/
   * can't download clitest
   * uses /userdata instead of /fuego-ro for accessing board stuff
 * had to create testplan_fuego (for fuego-specific tests)

== Functional.fuego_board_check ==
 * Jenkins jobs have the wrong TESTNAME
    * e.g. docker.testplan_fuego.Functional.fuego_board_check has 
"TESTNAME=fuego_board_check" instead of 'fuego_test')
      * fuego-create-jobs doesn't read test.yaml file
    * see if fuego-create-jobs uses the test name for the base script name
 * (worked around) can't find test with default plan in spec list
   * code is missing my patches for ignoring 'testplan_default'
   * you get an error from
 * docker board is missing reboot, according to Functional.fuego_board_check
   * reports HAS_REBOOT=0
     * but docker has /sbin/reboot
   * test is run as user 'jenkins' which doesn't have /sbin in the path
   * Functional.fuego_board_check is correct!

== Benchmark.fuego_check_plots ==
 * (fixed) gets an exception
   * it's still using FUEGO_PARSER_PATH, instead of FUEGO_CORE environment var.
 * plot.png is empty
   * missing metrics.json file
   * multiplot mapping requires a specific metric name patterns (leading item
     of same name, to chart the data in a single chart?
     * plotting is VERY fragile!!
       * no one can debug this stuff
       * matplotlib producing empty graphs is hard to debug
 * FIXTHIS - should make plot API much easier, or at least document the rules better

= priorities for 1.1 release =

See [[Release 1.1 To Do]]

= post_test work =
List of functions that have post_test arguments:
 * Benchmark.netpipe: kills iperf (should be NPtcp)
    * netpipe test doesn't use!! (there is no call to post_test)
 * Functional.LTP.Open_Posix: kills run-test
    * this test is not in the 'next' branch
 * Functional.netperf: kills netperf
    * netperf doesn't use!! (there is no call to post_test)
 * Functional.LTP.Filesystem: kills run-test
    * this test is not in the 'next' branch
 * (OK) Benchmark.fio: fills fio
 * Benchmark.OpenSSL: kills openssl
    * Openssl doesn't use (there is no call to post_test)
 * (OK) Benchmark.lmbench2: kills lmbench lat_mem_rd par_mem
 * (OK) Benchmark.IOzone: kills iozone
 * (OK) Benchmark.iperf: kills iperf
 * Benchmark.Java: kills java
    * put in test_cleanup, but didn't call kill_procs
    * there could be other java programs running - kill string is too generic
 * (OK) Benchmark.Interbench: kills interbench
 * (OK) Benchmark.gtkperf: kills gtkperf

=== fix functions that need to call post_test ===
 * Benchmark.netpipe
 * Functional.netperf
 * Benchmark.OpenSSL

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